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Comment moral police (Score 2) 375

In North America nobody is safe from the hand of the god damned moral police. People are fucked up, live with it. If they want to do something about child pornography go find the people that are making that shit. It is not a valid excuse to attack file hosting companies with, they didn't make the crap and they don't endorse it. There is a part of me that would love to see the world burn because I would rest assured that the idiots who propagate this kind of crap will be burning a bit faster than me.

Comment I think no (Score 1) 804

As someone who has experienced this first hand I say let people use laptops. I've used them for learning as well as getting distracted. Sometimes lectures are boring, if not using your laptop you'll be texting. If you get rid of the phones people read books/magazines. People should just police themselves on this type of thing.

Should Colleges Ban Classroom Laptop Use? 804

theodp writes "If you were a college prof, think you could successfully compete for the attention of a lecture hall of Mac-packing students? CS student Carolyn blogs that a debate has sprung up on her campus about whether it is acceptable to use a laptop in class. And her school is hardly alone when it comes to struggling with appropriate in-classroom laptop use (vendor/corporate trainers would no doubt commiserate). The problem, she says, is that the OCD Facebookers aren't just devaluing their own education — there's a certain distraction factor to worry about. 'Students,' she suggests, 'should also communicate with each other more and tell their classmates when their computer use bothers them. I'll admit it, when I'm trying to pay attention to the lecture, even someone's screensaver in the row ahead of me can be a major distraction.'"

Comment tried it (Score 1) 286

There is a lot of static noise and occasionally a very loud crackly sound. Seems to be working on Telus up here in Edmonton Alberta (that is is Canada btw) Nice to be able to call my mom who lives a couple hours away without being charged long distance.

Comment yeah right, surrrrrre (Score 1) 283

This tech will not work on a large scale, we will not be able to run our car's off of air. This type of sensationalist 'news' doesn't belong on slashdot in my opinion. Or at least don't make things sound better than they are. Tell it to us straight, as in we can possibly make a few drops of gasoline from air over a period of hours using some enzyme that doesn't currently exist.
First Person Shooters (Games)

Alien Swarm Can Be Played As a Terrifying FPS 157

AndrewGOO9 writes "With a few simple commands from the developer console, Alien Swarm can go from being played as an isometric top-down shooter to a first-person perspective. Surprisingly easy, it does make the game, which was released for free via Steam earlier this week, a lot more terrifying. But, anyone who is at home playing games like Modern Warfare or Halo should have no problem slaughtering their way through wave after wave of creatures. In fact, it poses the potential to make the game easier for people who would've otherwise struggled with the overhead view."

Comment you need to check this out (Score 1) 646

The answer to your glossy screen issue can be found with Pixel Qi. They have replacement screens for your less than desirable panels that can function in direct sunlight with no backlight. These products are not widely available yet as Pixel Qi is relatively new to the market. They were formed by a couple people form the OLPC project who worked on the screen design. Link to Engadet review: click here

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