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Torque3D Engine Goes Open-Source 68

Posted by Soulskill
from the go-forth-and-build dept.
New submitter DangerOnTheRanger writes "Torque3D, the game engine behind games such as Blockland and Tribes 2, has gone open-source. The engine itself — in addition to four game templates — are all included in a Git repository hosted on GitHub. Documentation is available in a separate repository. Quite the exciting time in the world of game development!"

Comment: Re:It would be good to have optional GUI (Score 3, Informative) 780

by slaxative (#38689250) Attached to: Windows Admins Need To Prepare For GUI-Less Server
Just an FYI, runlevel 5 by default, does not kick off Gnome or any other window manager under RHEL. It starts GDM or KDM which is simply the login manager for launching your selected window manager. It does not tax the machine very much to simply run the login manager. Now if you were in fact launching KDE 4 or Gnome then yes that would be an undesirable load on the system.

+ - Ubuntu 11.04 released->

Submitted by
tandiond writes: "Finally...
"Canonical today announced the upcoming release of the Ubuntu operating system on April 28, 2011 for public download. Ubuntu 11.04 introduces Unity, Ubuntu’s new interface, which is simpler, easier to use and more beautiful than previous editions of Ubuntu. This is the culmination of two years’ design and engineering effort by Canonical and the Ubuntu community. Ubuntu 11.04 stands out from its competitors as a genuine free alternative to Windows, allowing users to personalize their PC with free and paid apps in a way that’s proven hugely popular in the smartphone and tablet market."

It is a bit hard to download the iso image. Several attempts to click the link failed. Looks like The download link was loaded with enthusiast users already."

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Comment: Re:Only one day? (Score 1) 247

by slaxative (#34849900) Attached to: Major Sites To Join ‘World IPv6 Day’
Thanks for a useful quote and I'm ridiculous... Though it has no relevance to the subject. We've known about the ipv6 push for years now, and major Operating Systems have supported it. We know ipv6 works ... because people are actively using it now, I'm one of them. google over ipv6 already works, and has been working for some time. Its time for the rest of the major websites to catch up. One day is not going to prove a lot.

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