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Comment: Re:Good idea! (Score 1) 207

by slashtivus (#39378009) Attached to: Russia Has Sights Set On Manned Moon Landing By 2030
Wow, way to move the goal posts!
Your original comment was:

owned cheifly by China and Japan

Now you claim 47% of ALL debt is

owned by foreign entities

While ignoring UK, Brazil and about 30 other countries!
Whee! you got called on the carpet and keep shifting around what you said to keep your own piece of mind!

This is fun!

Comment: Re:Thanks, Space Shuttle (Score 2) 227

by slashtivus (#37567402) Attached to: SpaceX Reveals Plans For Full Launch System Re-usability

There's only one thing learned from the Shuttle debacle. Namely, don't let NASA build and fly its own launch vehicle.

The shuttle was a bit of a boondoggle, but you are blaming NASA, when in all honesty it had many congress-critters and Air-force fingers involved in its design and deployment. It's rather disingenuous to place all the decision responsibility solely in the hands of NASA.

Comment: Re:What does it have to do with Japan... (Score 1) 364

by slashtivus (#36698990) Attached to: German Parliament Backs Nuclear Exit By 2022

-90% of German (or American) plants would not withstand impact of a plane bigger than a Cessna

In the United States, the design and thickness of the containment and the missile shield are governed by federal regulations (10 CFR 50.55a), and must be strong enough to withstand the impact of a fully loaded passenger airliner without rupture.

+ - Ask Slashdot: Physics of Water 1

Submitted by bwayne314
bwayne314 (1854406) writes "We have been having a debate at the lab about mechanics of water and leaky bottles that I am hoping you slashdotters might be able to put to rest.

One group claims that capping a bottle or tube with water residue on the seal will cause some water molecules to remain in the seal and allow liquid from the container to leak out (under certain conditions, like shipping) despite being tightly closed. They call this phenomenon, "creating a river" and opening and drying of the the seal on such a bottle would prevent a leak.

The other faction thinks that any bottle that leaks, simply has a poorly fitting seal and that closing a wet bottle with a proper seal should push any water residue either into or out of the bottle. The distinction here is that there should not be a difference between capping a bottle that is dry vs. capping one that is wet.

So what happens on a molecular level in this situation and who is correct?"

Comment: Re:NASA and the USA (Score 1) 139

by slashtivus (#36036240) Attached to: NASA Gravity Probe Confirms Two Einstein Predictions
You don't think building a satellite that can withstand the harshness of space, using the best tech that was available at the time back before the 2004 launch date, (it was built long before then) and results are still being evaluated, and .... there was no foresight??? Wow. Seems to me there were some smart cookies that work on these things and they thought a lot of this through as best they could using "decades of research and testing" to their best advantage. Oh, that's right, its USA, bash on.

+ - New Fabric Blocks Sound But Lets Light Through->

Submitted by Zothecula
Zothecula (1870348) writes "Heavy curtains made from thick material such as velvet are often needed to keep noise out of indoor environments, but Swiss researchers have come up with another option. The Empa researchers, in collaboration with textile designer Annette Douglas and silk weavers Weisbrod-Zurrer AG, have developed lightweight, translucent curtains which are five times more effective at absorbing sound than their conventional counterparts."
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