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Comment Re:Editors : WTF (Score 1) 293 293

A /. user who actually writes an informed, op-topic comment from first-hand experience?!?!? Without snark, trolling, self-superiority or third-grade humor? What is this nonsense!

For shame, sir! For SHAME! You have renewed my faith in /., and for that cruel act I can never forgive you...

Comment Re: Feels weird agreeing with scientologists (Score 1) 265 265

Because doctors never fuck up, do they?

False equivalency. Of course doctors fuck up. The question is are they less likely to kill a mentally ill person during an evaluation than a LEO.

I'm no fan of cops, but when it comes to killing people who don't deserve it, they don't hold a candle to our medical professionals.

Again, false equivalency. Police don't tend to have deathly ill people as customers nearly as often as doctors, now do they?

Comment Re: but hate speech can be forbidden (Score 1) 312 312

Yes, it is, and everything you wrote following that just proves me right.

Umm.... everything YOU just wrote proves you to be yet another fucking AC idiot who doesn't have the balls to own up to his free speech.

Fighting Words have long been prohibited. Dressing up your fighting words in fig leaves does not change the underlying intent. Blowing dog whistles still brings the dogs. Implied calls to action ("XXX people are dogs and should be put down like dogs!!!") are still calls to action.

You are attacking the group of people who fully believe in the concept of free speech.

Help! You are oppressing me by not allowing me to attack you!

Comment Have one, love it (Score 1) 340 340

I use a VariDesk Pro48 and a standing mat, which my company was kind enough to spring for when I asked; the desk itself was ~$400 (Yea, I just plugged my company; they were kind enough to drop the change for a standing desk, mat, ergo chair and sitting ball simply because I asked; they've earned a plug or two). It is big enough to hold my laptop, two external monitors and a keyboard and mouse nicely.

I tend to adjust from standing to sitting 3-4 times a day. I get tired of sitting, so I stand up. I get tired of standing, so I sit down. The desk makes it really easy; it has a couple of latches on the underside that you pull up on to unlock travel, and then you adjust the desk to the height you want, and then let go of the handles. It's spring loaded so the weight on top is basically neutralized. I love the thing.

Comment Re:Doesn't disgust me (Score 1) 141 141

It's cute the way you image how people different than you think.

No kidding! Conservatives would never condone running such tests with atheist scientists!

Conservatives would just toss a few hamburgers into the capsule and let the homeless dive for 'em. So much cheaper!

Comment Re:Just run your own (Score 1) 147 147

Frankly I would be shocked if the major services (i.e. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, etc) weren't all penetrated by by ALL of the nation-state level intelligence agencies in exactly the manner you state. Suitcases full of money to a half-dozen engineers in a couple of dozen companies amounts to a rounding-error in a black budget.

At this point, the only thing really protecting "bad guys" is the size of the ocean, not some inability to fish in it.

Comment Re:One more in a crowded field (Score 1) 337 337

I don't know what you know that I don't in your attempt to speak for "most developers", but let me tell you how my consultancy will approach multi-platform apps: Xamarin. We won't develop a multi-platform app three times; we'll develop it once and then tweak for platform specifics.

In this case, assuming that you are correct in calling Apple's strategy, the result will NOT be a first-release on iOS, and it will also NOT be the adoption of Swift. Even without a leveraging technology such as Xamarin, unless a company is so small as to not have the resources to develop all platform versions simultaneously, they would develop simultaneously, as the cost of the marketing program will often dwarf the development budget, and management will want to recoup the investment and drive the widest possible market share.

The days of building a wall around your platform are coming to an end. It might take another 20 years, but it is inevitable IMO. At that point, the company that does cross-platform the most seamlessly will win the mindshare of developers and the market share of businesses that care about cross-platform, leaving those who insist on walling off their garden to play to those who do not care about cross-platform and niche markets -- something that Apple probably does not want to go back to.

Comment Re:Interesting person (Score 1) 284 284

If they wanted to be happier and live longer, maybe they should stop being gay.

They can no more stop being gay that you can stop being an ignorant idiot spouting dumbassed shit on the Intertubes.

Homosexuals are more likely to suffer from depression and more likely to commit suicide.

What a fascinating coincidence! Because heterosexuals are more likely to be assholes to homosexuals and generally make their lives unbearable. I know correlation is not causation, but that's a pretty strong one! How about we try a giant social experiment? Let's all stop being assholes to gay people for a generation or two and see what happens to the suicide rate...

Comment Re:Interesting person (Score 1) 284 284

It's this kind of weird non-logic that makes me think these people really aren't "transgender" in the sense of having some kind of other-gender neurological affiliation, but are instead people that suffer from some kind of mental illness.

Actually, it's your complete ignorance of the subject that is allowing you to express you biases against trans people, which you make very clear. What is special is that you are willing to expose your ignorance to the world and thereby hopefully banish some of that ignorance.

I'm thoroughly confused by the notion of, say, lesbians who glom onto transgenderism as the rationale for why they want to dress, look and act like men. Doesn't that kind of make you a heterosexual?

No, it makes them dressed like how they feel like dressing, and it makes you a potential applicant for the Fashion Police. Why is it you feel justified in judging/policing some stranger's choice of clothing?

There was even a NY Times article about some women's college having an existential crisis about a lesbian student going through gender reassignment asking if he/she should still be allowed at an all-women's college. I don't quite get the logic of how you can be woman, who's a man, but who wants to identify as a lesbian.

It's "he". Unambiguously. Clearly. You don't get to tell someone their gender identity any more than you get to tell them the profession they identify with. Just because you do not personally understand it does not make it untrue. You cannot understand it, anymore than a white person can understand what it's like to grow up as a person of color or a blind person can understand the Mona Lisa. Do you understand the logic of wanting to finish the school you started at?

whys should I take that any more seriously than the guy who claims he's Napoleon?

In all of recorded human history, other than THE Napoleon, there has never been an instance of someone claiming to be Napoleon who was, in fact, Napoleon. There have been countless instances of men born with vaginas and women born with pensises. It happens, just like any of birth defect.

Unless you're a doctor or other health care provider, I believe the appropriate reaction to anyone's medical condition is "don't be a dick; treat people respectfully -- as you would wish to be treated.

Comment Re:Seems he has more of a clue (Score 1) 703 703

I also believe that Tesla's will get both better AND cheaper until more people (even most people) can afford them. Of course that also includes other manufacturers upping their electric car game too.

Huh. I've been hearing that for 30 years now. Any day now I guess!

Then we just need to build Nuke plants to power all these electric cars, shutter all the coal plants an viola! Problem solved.

I can't believe it's that easy! Why didn't you say so before?!?

Taxes, and rules and regulations are the things that seem like they'll solve the problem, but they really won't.

Nothing like an unsupported assertion on a site like /. to make people really respect your PoV!

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