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Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 363

Seriously, I am curious why Planned Parenthood clinics couldn't still stay open to provide the necessary women health services despite not being able to perform any abortions due to the stricter Texas law?

Because Texas slashed their family planning budget by two-thirds.

It is YOU that is conflating two unrelated issues to try to advance your ideology.

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 363

Answer me this. If Planned parenthood is much more than abortion and gets most of its revenue from other places other than abortion, then why did several Planned Parenthood clinics close when Texas' new stricter abortion laws took into effect?

Not that you give a fuck about facts or that you would allow facts to change your already-made-up-mind (else you would've taken the 30 seconds to Google the question and answer it), or that how a private organization conducts it's business is any of your business but...

The clinics didn't close because of the abortion restrictions. The clinics closed because the state cut 30 million of family planning funding from the budget.

Comment Re: Cool (Score 1) 363

Tell me that PP keeps separate books and organizations...

How about if I tell you that it's none of your fucking business how they keep their books? Where the fuck do you get off?

How about if I tell you that abortion services amount to less than two percent of their business, so how much benefit do you think they could possibly derive? Wait. You don't think. You emote.

Comment Re: Feels weird agreeing with scientologists (Score 1) 265

Because doctors never fuck up, do they?

False equivalency. Of course doctors fuck up. The question is are they less likely to kill a mentally ill person during an evaluation than a LEO.

I'm no fan of cops, but when it comes to killing people who don't deserve it, they don't hold a candle to our medical professionals.

Again, false equivalency. Police don't tend to have deathly ill people as customers nearly as often as doctors, now do they?

Comment Re: but hate speech can be forbidden (Score 1) 312

Yes, it is, and everything you wrote following that just proves me right.

Umm.... everything YOU just wrote proves you to be yet another fucking AC idiot who doesn't have the balls to own up to his free speech.

Fighting Words have long been prohibited. Dressing up your fighting words in fig leaves does not change the underlying intent. Blowing dog whistles still brings the dogs. Implied calls to action ("XXX people are dogs and should be put down like dogs!!!") are still calls to action.

You are attacking the group of people who fully believe in the concept of free speech.

Help! You are oppressing me by not allowing me to attack you!

Your own mileage may vary.