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Comment: Re:Cui bono? (Score 1) 71

by slashdot_commentator (#49720437) Attached to: Apple Acquires GPS Start-Up

> I'm not sure they won't be moving down market

They'll never move to the lower end of the market, because its tight margins means no profit. They basically will abandon the low end to feature phones and android. Market efficiencies are going to keep driving down the costs of android/feature phones to the point that Apple can't make an obscene profit on outdated iPhones. At that point, Apple will only offer products in the high end market, at an obscene profit margin.

My point is that its not worth burning billions making a mapping service competitive to google. They don't "need" an Apple maps service to keep selling their phones. They don't build their own internet search service. They would be a lot brighter building a high quality Apple cloud service. That would service their phones, tablets, laptop and desktops, give them the ability to provide uniquely user-friendly services, and enable "lock-in". No one takes Apple maps seriously, and once their phones become niche, they will have pumped a ton of money to provide an inferior service. It doesn't make sense from a marketing standpoint.

Comment: Cui bono? (Score 1) 71

by slashdot_commentator (#49717793) Attached to: Apple Acquires GPS Start-Up

It strikes me that Apple and Google are two companies competing in different market niches. Apple being hardware, and Google being user information (for advertisers). How does Apple "monetize" its userbase information right now?

Why does Apple feel the compulsion to plow money into an inferior map service? It only benefit their iphone niche until they can't sustain a lower end iphone market.

Comment: Re:50 shades of grape (Score 1) 649

Judy Clarke having represented so many killers, I wonder how she can even sleep at night!

Because her willingness to defend potentially wrongly accused killers means we can live in a legal system where everyone is presumed innocent before a trial can issue a judgement. If the accused were permitted to be executed without a real opportunity to exonerate themselves, then our entire notion of a nation governed by laws, not by dictators, would be a lie.

Comment: Re:Scary side of US (Score 1) 649

the state cannot be trusted to wield this power responsibility.

Why would you trust the state to wield any power over a human being, even a criminal, responsibly? What makes the court system justifiable to convict someone to life without parole, but unjustifiable to execute them?

Comment: Re:On the wasting of Tax Payers' Money (Score 1) 649

The Tsarnaevs should not have been allowed to enter the United States in the first place, but if anyone dare to speak up against immigration of moslems into the United States of America that person would be automagically chastised as "hater" and "racist", by none other than those who subscribe to the political correctness doctrines.

It depends. Are you against Israeli Jews from immigrating into the US? Latin Americans, because the higher rate of "criminal conviction"? English, French, Dutch, and Germans, for their history of inhuman bloodshed?

Comment: Re:You got to saddle up your boys (Score 1) 649

I never understood these hayseed "kill'em" states. Just execute them by firing squad or (proper) hanging. When its designed to be quick, its not "cruel & unusual punishment". New York City is perfectly designed to execute prisoners "humanely". Just close off a block by the Empire State building, and shove them off from the observation deck. I've never heard of anyone lingering from death once they hit the ground.

Comment: Re:USA in good company... (Score 1) 649

for life with no chance of parole might as well be death

except its not. Life without parole sentences have been "commuted". In most cases, it only avoids the costs of medical care and burial. It doesn't mean Hinckley isn't going to get out at some point (though he never was sentenced to "life imprisonment without parole").

Really, the only persuasive argument for me for "life imprisonment without parole" is the cost to a successful death penalty prosecution. And somehow, that should be correctable.

Comment: Re:/.er bitcoin comments are the best! (Score 1) 253

by slashdot_commentator (#49601369) Attached to: Bitcoin Is Disrupting the Argentine Economy

Easy conversion does not make it a reliable store of value.

It does when you live in Argentina, and experience gov't mandated fixed rate of Argentine Peso -> USD, arbitrary fee/tax for exchange, shortage of available USD currency at an Argentine bank, or even temporary ban on currency exchanges for "the little people". Compare that to the market determining USD/bitcoin or peso/bitcoin exchange rate..

Comment: Re:/.er bitcoin comments are the best! (Score 1) 253

by slashdot_commentator (#49589591) Attached to: Bitcoin Is Disrupting the Argentine Economy

Now could the Argentine Peso also be a poor store of value, thats plausible

If you believe the Argentine Peso to be a more reliable store of value than bitcoin, then apparently you don't know what you're talking about.

The fact that bitcoin can be converted to USD or Euro, would make it a (slightly) more reliable store of value, because the Argentine Treasury department has no qualms about fixing exchange rates, penalizing conversions, or outright banning currency conversions.

Comment: Re:No mention of iPad in the summary? (Score 1) 160

by slashdot_commentator (#49561293) Attached to: Google Officially Discontinues Nexus 7 Tablet

> I don't want some device I have to build in a kit every couple of months. I'm beyond the point where I want to endlessly fiddle with technology. It's a waste of my time, and not something I do for fun.

But you realize that Google is pretty incompetent as a consumer support vendor? They're putting out changes to their "stock" android OS at least twice a year. For lollipop, they upgraded the phones months ago; but didn't even bother to upgrade the N7 (2013, razor/razorg) until a week or two ago. And almost every time, someone gets boned by a software glitch caused by the new release. Google does not give a tinker's damn when the device goes sideways on consumers.

I'm still running kitkat, figuring that I'm not going to even update my tablet until (lollipop) v5.1.1 is released as an automatic update. I'm pretty much terrified, at this point, every time Google puts out an upgrade, because their QA really sucks. As far as I'm concerned, fiddling with it is a guaranteed event, like a slackware/gentoo release from a decade ago, every time Google puts out an upgrade.

The sad truth is that its highly likely I will go iPad mini when my N7 dies on me. And I hate Apple. It strangles developers. Its as soulless as Google. Their products will never be the vanguard of technology. But Apple gives a damn about ensuring a flawless user experience. If the tablet goes sideways, they'll replace it. Their upgrades will fix things without introducing new problems. The question is whether that's worth the excessive margin they'll be extracting from your wallet.

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