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Comment Useless stupid jerk (Score 0) 371

1) You don't "ask" a child molester to leave the kids alone. MS obviously wants more of a presence in the internet niche of the industry. They've allowed IE to become irrelevant for at least since 2009. They've wasted a ton of money on Edge's development, and MS needs something to make Windows 10 look like its a winner. Its a cheap way for MS to get new Windows 10 users to take a look at their new web browser, and its not like MS makes it impossible to go back to making chrome or an inferior 3rd party browser the default again.

2) Speaking as an actual firefox user, for some inexplicable reason, the CEO of firefox insists on releasing notably inferior web browsers from its previous versions at the beginning of 2015!!! They are slower than the firefox versions from the start of the year, and the older firefox versions were still noticeably slower than the competition. The only reason why the older versions were tolerable was that they weren't horribly slow like your current product! Now I frequently get odd moments when firefox seems to need to hit up the CPU, without browsing activity, and because the firefox code has such poorly implemented threading, the browser will seize up while waiting for firefox to resolve its background knitting! And that's on machines with an i7 desktop CPU, and 16GB of RAM!

3) Its a sign of extreme cluelessness when Beard thinks he can deflect from his failure as a CEO, and blame Microsoft for his incompetence. This isn't 2003; no one thinks of MS as the evil empire anymore; more like the asshole grandpa who still doesn't need a bedpan. How about securing patrons or a financing model after Google decided not to give you a free lunch anymore? How about not releasing new versions with new features that denigrate what little positive opinion firefox has left with its users?!?! Your CTO(?) had the right idea when he suggested chucking non-webkit code and starting from scratch. It sounds like unthinkable refactoring that would leave firefox dead in the water for a year, but at least you would retain your current user base!!! Instead of trying to build a McMansion on top of a crumbling foundation.

4) Since he doesn't code, the only constructive thing Beard can do at this point, is try to help find a CEO less incompetent than he is (preferably with a development background), or at least put a deadline on your resignation within 6 months, in order to force the board to find a replacement.

Comment Re: I work in this field. (Score 1) 434

With regard to her Husband: He would have been convicted and jailed as a sexual predator if he had been the executive of a private corporation.

With regard to your comment, you are a fucking moron. Consensual sex between two legal adults = sexual predator??? Also, private corporations cannot convict and imprison an employee. CEO's don't even necessarily lose their job when they violate corporate bylaws, if he/she properly fixed the board. Sexual harrassment suits are settled in CIVIL court; no jail time. And finally, this is slashdot. You're not inciting outrage from the female community, because its miniscule in size. You're just demonstrating your cluelessness.

Comment Re:I work in this field. (Score 2, Interesting) 434

Her emails almost certainly contain nothing incriminating. She is a smart women that has a lot of experience dealing with scandals and knows exactly what not to do.

Actually, I'm guessing Hilary did the private email setup to conceal her communications vis a vis her husband cutting deals for his foundation, and what she directed state department personnel to do afterwards. If she "really" was a smart woman with a lot of experience dealing with scandals, she wouldn't have been running a private email server at her home. It alone should be a strike against voting for her as POTUS; the problem is we don't know who's going to roll out of the Republican clown car for the general election.

Comment Re:What bothers me (Score 1) 434

What deletions? Its all backed up on NSA harddrives; everyone knows this. The NSA has no methods to hide, in this case. There isn't going to be any felony prosecution for hiding email, or for Benghazi. What I'm waiting for is a Hilary quid pro quo for her globe trotting, schmoozing husband.

Comment Re:What bothers me (Score 1) 434

they're just paving the way for a real progressive candidate.

Bahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahahh *choke* *wheeze* *giggle*

That's precious. There's no way Sanders wins the Democrat nomination for POTUS, even if Hillary gets knocked out of the race. The Powers That Be would smother Sanders with campaign spending against him before that point.

Comment Re:What bothers me (Score 1, Troll) 434

Keep in mind the NSA is the same organisation that should, and probably did, know about the planned 11 September 2001 attacks in the United States of America but refused to share the intelligence with any other government agency or department.

You're an idiot. GWB was warned in august in the National Security briefing. He decided to ignore the memo.

Comment Re:Yep, keep searching (Score 0) 434

Why was the embassy in a hostile country left undefended in the middle of a riot?

You're an idiot. The answer is "sequestration".

No one with an ounce of common sense gives a rat fuck about Libya. Foreign service personnel die all the time on the job; just like soldiers do in a war zone.

No, the time bomb I'm looking for is if Hilary did a quid pro quo on behalf of her schmoozing, globe-trotting husband.

Comment Re:Likely misdemeanor mishandling of classified in (Score 1) 434

I'm sick of seeing Hilary as an election trojan horse for the Democrats. I'll be glad if the DoJ launches an investigation on emailgate. If they find something that kills her candidacy, best do it before the Democrat National Convention. If not, there's no chance any Republican in the clown car will beat Hilary.

Comment Re:Still A Good Idea (Score 1) 245

Doctors talk to each other all the time about their patients.

Doctors are expected to understand confidentiality. Now they just can't provide information on their "triage evaluation" on a specific patient. That triage secrecy would only last for a week tops; the surgery in most cases would be complete by then. We're just trying to prevent "gaming" the system by avoiding low survival percentage patients before a surgeon commits to a patient. Once they're "locked in", they can talk to the triage doctor as much as they like.

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