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Comment Re:So, you are recommending... (Score 1) 285

Moving to any new place involves destroying the local ecosystem. The Antarctic ecosystem? Who cares?!?! Are you going to suggest exterminating humans to maintain orangutan habitats? (Its simpler to just randomly sterilizing some of them.) What about African habitats? Or just subsidize the cities in your nation that the African locals would need to move to?

Comment Re:Before a human walks on Mars... (Score 1) 285

Personally, I rate our chance of having a nuclear war in the next millennium as being nearly 100%.

That's a phenomenally stupid estimate. Why hasn't humanity already experienced nuclear exchanges, in an earlier time, where nationalism and autocracy still propelled our civilization?

And I am being very conservative with that estimate.

No, its a preposterous estimation.

It could happen as soon as 20 years from now.

The US is not swapping nuclear strikes with Russia or China, and vice versa. No political system has produced any central leadership in the nuclear age that crazy. Those left aren't nuclear weapons powers (excepting Israel). There is no military or political strategy where nuclear exchanges make sense. And no, ISIS will not be able to make nukes anytime in anyone's lifetime. Humanity is more likely to successfully place a man on Mars in 20 years than have a full nuclear exchange. Worry about problems that will actually occur, such as overpopulation and human induced climate change.

Comment Re:Make money on support (Score 0) 124

so make your bid the lowest for which you can actually provide the contracted service.

No. You first determine what would be the lowest bid for which you can provide for the service at no loss + 10%, then you make the **highest** bid you can make and still feel confident about winning the auction.

Comment Re:Work for free!! (Score 1) 124

What a joy that would be for pharma CEOs like Valeant. Instead of buying out companies, and raising their drug price by 500x, they can farm out software bids to programmers for $1, instead of the hundreds of thousands of dollars per job to software bureaus. And still overprice their drug by 5000%.

Comment Re:The seL4 Microkernel (Score 1) 206

While I agree that seL4 is innovative and exciting, its not an OS or a distro. Its a microkernel, where afterwards, you have to implement your own OS services, hopefully with an exceptionally secure design. (Or just use it as a base for your own unique embedded environment, which is overkill). If you only value your own design flexibility, you'll have an easier time implementing your dream OS in forth, rather than seL4. (If that OS requires multitasking, perhaps one could build a forth environment on top of the microkernel.)

Its kind of pointless to be screwing around with seL4, if you're not some computer science guru, who wants to build an OS with security as top consideration on top of a vetted securely designed microkernel. Its like wanting to use a CNC milling machine to only cut metal pipes in two.

Once you brought up GNU HURD, I then realized you were making an obscene joke. But it would sort of be exciting (not really innovative) in the sense of trying to actually make it do something without crashing. (I half-heartedly wonder if there was anything salvageable from HURD's original designs that would justify the effort to create a MACH emulation layer on top of seL4.)

Comment Re:Debt isn't budget. 3% growth instead of 6.5% (Score 1) 108

That wasn't sequestration! That was negotiated agreements to cut gov't spending.

Sequestration was prearranged budgeting that would partially cripple of the military, in order to meet its operating budgeting, along with spending cuts which would have hit medicare, and other elective gov't spending, if the federal budget wasn't passed or the credit borrowing ceiling was exceeded. Those provisions never kicked in. The federal budget got passed every year in the Obama administration, as well as every ceiling raise.

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