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Comment Re:And you all think MS and Windows 10 is bad... (Score 4, Interesting) 86

Do you know anything about IT and the internet? Your post suggests otherwise.

This datamines via cookies. You consent to these (or not) via your browser. This is about the same as you walking down the street and deciding whether or not you care to dodge the cctv cameras watching you.

Windows 10 is your operating system and you have no idea what it does. How do I know this? Because I have no idea what it does. And I'm willing to bet 99% of Microsoft has no idea what the new telemetry of Windows 10 collects. This is the same as hiring a butler that watches everything you do over your shoulder and every 10 minutes, he speaks quietly into an encrypted walkie talkie and you have no idea what he's telling his association of butlers. But you do know one thing, which is that the NSA/GCHQ has access and power over this association.

So laugh away? Ha ha ha?

Comment Re:Nice work developers! (Score 1) 135

I've been a longtime hardware hoarder for nearly 3 decades so I share your sentiment. But at some point, it's not worth it.

You may have paid $30 for the machine itself, but you continue to pay every year for it in terms of power, maintenance, occupied space, and if your hobby time is limited, engineering time figuring out hacks to make it continue working.

Particularly if these are x86-64 machines that don't work with grub, suggesting that they were from around the first generation. If you recall that time in the 90's, those cpus were huge power hogs. I'd never encountered power supplies burning out (without a discrete graphics card) until I met those first gen 64s. Nowadays, you can easily power a magnitude more compute power with the same electrical power cost.

Comment Re:No, they just need reliable Linux distros. (Score 1, Troll) 187

I'll bite.

I'm a professional sysadmin. Scope is important so we'll go by cores. The total number that I admin and/or work directly with total over 100,000. I work very closely with a lot of cutting edge technology. [FQ]DR IB, distributed fs in or near the range of petabytes, openstack, clusterware. We do this to run systems geared towards bioinformatics, CFD, CAE, etc. I can't speak for everyone but if I included a few colleagues I work with closely, the number of systems grow astronomically as they may have detailed knowledge of much bigger systems than I do. None of these systems will touch systemd with a 10ft pole.

I use systemd on one system, a personal laptop that I use linux mint on for steam. Due to some configuration I had no part of, this laptop will take about 4 minutes to boot depending on the network I'm on and say "waiting 60 seconds for network" even though it's a static ip set outside of nm. I live in CLI 24/7, I never use the gui, and I don't even want to bother with this. Why? Because it doesn't make sense from a "sysadmin" point of view. I'll jump into things for work that I have no clue about and that is what I love about my job. But what I've seen of systemd from my own experience and those of my colleagues (not from reading slashdot), the things I'd be working out are not real problems but rather retarded defaults set by systemd that assume things it shouldn't. It's very invasive and overreaching and that's NEVER a fun thing to work with from a sysadmin point of view.

Systemd isn't the worst. I don't like it but I see that as a personal preference and if it ever got its shit together, I could see it being a boon for workstations or laptops. But in no way, will any real sysadmins who do REAL work with linux under the hood come near systemd anytime soon. RHEL7 adoption is going to be a joke.

Comment Re:People are creative (Score 1, Flamebait) 498

"Suicide does not end the chances of life getting worse". Well yes, it rather does. While it's a nice sentiment, it's something to which I would reply: "Please let me be the judge of that".

Depends on how selfish you are. If nothing else in the world matters to you, then life won't get any worse for you and you only.

Comment Re:Worth it? (Score 1) 275

Relevant text: The botnet’s Bitcoin operation was only profitable because it used stolen electricity: it used about $561,000 (£347,000) of electricity a day on its victims’ machines, while only generating $2,165 (£1340) a day.

One would have to be inhuman to let your greed cause so much damage for so little gain.

I was playing poker the other night... with Tarot cards. I got a full house and 4 people died. -- Steven Wright