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Comment: Re:Awesome, I shall buy one in a year (Score 3, Interesting) 111

by slaker (#48880855) Attached to: NVIDIA Launches New Midrange Maxwell-Based GeForce GTX 960 Graphics Card

You might be able to find a Geforce 750 for $125 or so. They're adequate but definitely not ideal for 1920x1080 in most PC games. They're also ridiculously efficient; they don't even need an extra PCIe power connection.
If anyone tells me they want to game on a PC and don't immediately mention a game with a more serious demand, that's the hardware I use.

I generally prefer ATI hardware because I think nVidia's stock cooling kills graphics cards and I'd rather deal with crappy drivers, but the current ATI hardware is a complete non-starter. There's really no level at all where it can be justified.

Comment: Re:Macbook Air? Mac mini? (Score 2) 78

by slaker (#48741251) Attached to: Intel Unveils 5th Gen Core Series Broadwell-U CPUs and Cherry Trail Atom

I say this in all seriousness: Who cares? If you're in Apple's world, you take what Apple gives you. If you don't like Apple's offerings, you can either invest the energy in getting a Hackintosh running or buy the thing Apple consents to sell you.

For what it's worth, Intel NUCs make pretty good Hackintoshes.

Comment: Re:x64 only (Score 1) 115

by slaker (#48573399) Attached to: FreeNAS 9.3 Released

Intel was still making some Atom CPUs with only 32 bit support as recently as IIRC 2012. An Atom is generally a pretty good choice for a FreeNAS box, since just about the only thing that will even touch multithreaded operation is the NFS server (or Plex, if you've hacked that in).

Comment: Re: Who's using Firefox anyway ? (Score 4, Insightful) 400

by slaker (#48422491) Attached to: Firefox Signs Five-Year Deal With Yahoo, Drops Google as Default Search Engine

I use Firefox in preference to Chrome because of the superior and more permissive add on ecosystem, fine grained JavaScript controls, better tools for privacy protection and better (yes, really) memory management for my browsing habits.
Just the fact that I can have hassle free ad blocking on Android makes it worthy of consideration.

Comment: Let's solve basic connectivity first (Score 5, Insightful) 291

by slaker (#48209555) Attached to: Will Fiber-To-the-Home Create a New Digital Divide?

I live 40 miles southeast of Chicago. My community has access to high speed internet, but going much farther south or east, the options for faster-than-dialup services evaporate. Huge parts of the US aren't even served by 3G cell service or DSL lines, let alone cable internet. Let's solve that problem. It's far more important in the big picture than getting enough bandwidth to stream a dozen 4k streams for some theoretical 5% of the USA that has been gifted with fiber-based connectivity.

Comment: Re:all (Score 2) 108

by slaker (#48192249) Attached to: Which Android Devices Sacrifice Battery-Life For Performance?

The Note 2 and Note 3 are, based on my observation, good for a couple days without charging. Like the iphone 6+, this probably has more to do with the form factor than anything else.

I can get about a day and a half out of my S4, but I'm an atypical user since I don't use any messaging aside from E-mail (SMS is stupid and I hope it dies soon).

It's somewhat silly to try to define "using a smartphone as a smartphone" since that's really the ultimate movable goalpost. I use mine primarily to read things on the web while I'm away from a bigger computer and I listen to locally-stored music. I don't really launch other apps, maintain social connections, play games, make calls or look at pornography while on the toilet, all of which might be part of someone else's definition of justifiable smartphone-ing.

Comment: Re:Windows XP (Score 1) 554

by slaker (#48049137) Attached to: Lost Opportunity? Windows 10 Has the Same Minimum PC Requirements As Vista

NX support was actually added between Windows 8 and 8.1, but you're right that there have been minor adjustments to hardware requirements over time. Since NX has to be supported by both CPU and motherboard, it's actually quite a hole. A lot of my company's Core2 systems wouldn't be compatible with Windows 8 or 10 because the standard motherboard is an older one.

Comment: Re:Story title needs a warning! (Score 4, Interesting) 274

by slaker (#48048363) Attached to: Could Maroney Be Prosecuted For Her Own Hacked Pictures?

The way I understand the rules in the US, the definition of child pornography is actually highly expansive and can include photos of lascivious intent in spite of the presence or absence of clothing. The iconic Coppertone Girl ad of the dog pulling at the little girl's bikini might be enough to cause a problem in some jurisdictions, and every once in a while we'll get stories about parents getting legal fallout for having pictures of their infants being bathed or something.

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