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Comment: Re:more pseudo science (Score 1) 849

Peer review means getting your buddy or sometime yourself to look at something and agree with you.
Or you could google peer review fraud.

Comment: Re:more pseudo science (Score 1) 849

What if, after the debate, Ken Ham had walked to the parking lot of his museum and discovered that the driver-side front fender of his car was damaged, with debris from his front driver-side headlight strewn on the ground? He would no doubt conclude that someone hit his car while he was parked there. But not so fast, Mr. Ham. Let's apply your own standards of evidence: You don't know. You weren't there.
Did the damage to the fender happen billions of years ago with no human living today being a witness? Never mind that with cctv everywhere there would most likely be direct evidence.
And global warming is not tethered to facts but beliefs and faith.

Comment: Re:where is the controversy? (Score 1) 639

Two unclean animals and seven clean animals. You are trying to misinform. And if you want to go full nut case you could even take dinosaurs and lizards etc on the ARK in the form of eggs thereby saving a shit-ton of space. Eggs don't usually eat each other. And gopher-wood is not made of gophers.

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by slackware 3.6 (#46623143) Attached to: Smartphone Kill-Switch Could Save Consumers $2.6 Billion
Bad example. Most places require liability insurance in case you hurt someone or damage something that doesn't belong to you. If you own your car there is no requirement to insure your own vehicle against damages you cause. Perhaps the problem is people are being force to buy insurance if they want credit for that super fancy phone just like the bank demands full coverage insurance if you borrow their money to buy a car.

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