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Comment: Peer review (Score -1) 178

by slackware 3.6 (#47429563) Attached to: Peer Review Ring Broken - 60 Articles Retracted
is about getting your buddy to agree with you and now they even have fake buddies. I'm sure this is the only time this happened. Kind of how 93% of scientists believe the earth is flat, or is it colder or hotter or do the buffaloes fart more methane than bison? Peer reviewed scientific papers can be trusted to be factual as much as a Catholic priest can be trusted around a young boy.

Comment: Re: Burn the Climate Deniers (Score 0) 298

by slackware 3.6 (#47118887) Attached to: Shrinking Waves May Save Antarctic Sea Ice
Galileo is a good example of how peer review works (you know your buddy agreeing with you). 97% percent of scientists called Galileo a heretic and a denier of flat earth.
In the modern day we have liars like Dr James Hanson for example, but most of the nonsense spewed about global warming is coming from politicians and celebrities who are considered climate scientists by idiots like you.

Comment: Re:$150 MRC for hotspot that doesn't travel with y (Score 1) 216

by slackware 3.6 (#46988765) Attached to: GM Sees a Market For $5/Day Dedicated In-Car Internet
Idiots should keep their mouths shut so no one knows how stupid they are. An F-150 in a 1/2 ton truck, mine averages 20mpg. An Explorer is a 1/4 ton truck,and what do you suggest to drop three kids off at school, a Smart car? Let me guess an enviro nutjob like yourself believes in sending perfectly good vehicles to the wreckers because they are last years model and not cool enough. Who cares about the C02 emissions from the manufacture of new vehicles.

Comment: Re:$150 MRC for hotspot that doesn't travel with y (Score 1) 216

by slackware 3.6 (#46986795) Attached to: GM Sees a Market For $5/Day Dedicated In-Car Internet
My daily driver is an 87 F-150 I6 4speed, slow but fuel efficient and can haul a heavy load (my work truck). My wife drives a 96 Explorer, her commute is less than 5 minutes between work and dropping kids off at school. We share a 97 Dodge neon for highway trips, gets 40 MPG with some mods and cheap on parts if your somewhat of a mechanic. Then there is the big work truck a 2006 Dodge 1 ton diesel hardly get used at all unless I need to use the big trailer. None of my vehicles have rust or any body damage, look nice and meet all emission regulations. Old vehicles are very much alive for 20 years if you treat them well and people like me enjoy swapping a motor or tranny on a Sunday afternoon.

Comment: Re:well (Score 1) 557

by slackware 3.6 (#46936923) Attached to: Actual Results of Crimean Secession Vote Leaked
The grandson of Joseph Stalin wants a criminal case to be opened against Ukrainian investigators of the 1930s mass famine. Last week a Ukrainian court put the blame for the famine on Stalin and several other officials. Evgeny Dzhugashvili believes the sentence is libelous and wants the agents of the Ukrainian Security Service involved in the case as well as the judges who reviewed it to be punished for the decision, he told the Ukrainian newspaper Sevodnya.

Comment: Re:Screw the feedback loop (Score 1) 291

Northern climate if you can't farm or graze or drill oil the land is useless. It's to cold to do anything else up here. But we do have a very rapid growing season (4 months of sunlight 18 hours a day) and billions of ares of grassy leafy things that go to waste every year.

Comment: Re:Screw the feedback loop (Score 1) 291

Different part of the world but I get your point. I personally believe food animals and fish should be grown in more northern climates. Colder temperatures mean less parasites and sickness and firmer better marbled meat in my opinion (mind you it does suck to live up here). I live on the edge of the boreal forest, lots of steep hills and sloughs between fields and a short but very rapid growing season. Without cows the bush grows in very dense and thorny, cows are really the only animal that can clean the bush of scrub (mainly by trampling) and leave the nice larger trees alone. The vegetation around here basically can't be killed out unless you overgraze but typically people put about 30 cows per quarter section. And after the cows clean up you can put horses on the land but they don't really have food value around here so kind of off topic.

Comment: Re:Way Way off. (Score 1) 291

Currently -10C at the North Pole lots of melting going on there. Ever hear of the North-West passage? Why is it still frozen over, with all this melting ships should be traveling back and forth especially since 2012 was supposed to be a record warm year. Maybe 2012 wasn't a record year.

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