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Comment Re:is it an engine or a display model? (Score 4, Informative) 58 58

Many commercial jet aircraft components are produced with lost wax casting using titanium, with subsequent hot isostatic pressing. (HIP.) Source: I am a propulsion design engineer at an large commercial aircraft manufacturer. Also "3D Printing" (we call it additive manufacturing) has been used in the aircraft industry for at least 10 years that I have experience with, although it is typically used for either tooling or test parts. I few a 3D printed titanium exhaust duct on a flight test in 2010, then implemented the same part for production using conventional manufacturing methods. 304 of them in service so far with no issues.

Comment Re:Sad to hear (Score 1) 314 314

Wow, an electronics shop in Derby, UK. It must be the only place where you can resistor with an oil leak. But seriously, now that you live in Seattle, take the I-90 or 520 bridge over to Bellevue and visit Vetco Electronics. About every component you could ever ask for, and surplus sales too. Sounds like Potts is very similar, I'll check them out next time I'm in Derby. (Which until recently was pretty much every 6 months... Business takes me to Wolverhampton instead now)

Comment Re:Developing Story (Score 1) 275 275

The statement regarding aOA display is incorrect. All current production Boeing aircraft can be configured to display current AOA, target AOA, and limitations in the top right corner of the primary flight display. Whether this option is displayed or used depends on the specific airline's operating certificate and FAA approved procedures specific to that airline. The illustration above is old, so it does not mention that this feature is also on the 787 ( which i have flown with AOA active) and on the 747-8 ( which I have not flown but have seen the AOA feature used from the jumpseat)

Comment Re:Don't take airplanes piloted by the Malays (Score 1) 275 275

You are wrong. Generally SAM missle systems (i.e. not MANPDS) generally ARE equipped with transponder/IFF code selection. In the Russian case the BUK missile is capable of being operated seperately from it's command and control ground radar, in which case it looses IFF protection.

Submission + - Software Deletes Files to Defend Against Piracy

teamhasnoi writes: "Back in 2004, Slashdot discussed a program that deleted your home directory on entry of a pirated serial number. Now, a new developer is using the same method to protect his software, aptly named Display Eater. In the dev's own words, "There exist several illegal cd-keys that you can use to unlock the demo program. If Display Eater detects that you are using these, it will erase something. I don't know if this is going to become Display Eater policy. If this level of piracy continues, development will stop." Is deleting user data ever acceptable, even when defending one's software from piracy?"

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