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Comment: learning management (Score 0) 205

by slackoon (#47614649) Attached to: MIT Considers Whether Courses Are Outdated
So what about the requirements to manage this modular system. It's not as easy as just splitting up courses into modules and letting students pick and choose. There have to be requirements for a degree, progressions built into learning in terms of difficulty and complexity. History, for example, is better leaned in some sort of chronological order. Immagine studying the beginning of the second world war with no understanding of the treary of versailles because you "didn't want to take that module". So now we're talking about having to add pre-requisites and curriculum requirements to these modules in order to manage learning in a way that makes sense. Wait...that's what we have now!! I think this idea does have some merit. However, to say that it can be implemented for all learning, at all levels, in person or online may be somewhat crazy.

Comment: Good intentions (Score 0) 168

by slackoon (#33738994) Attached to: Giving the Blind Better Web Access
I realize that there are good intentions behind this and that is truly admirable, however, it was though of from only one side. Those who would like this kind of access will certainly benefit but the companies will suffer. It will cost more to make websites and devices compatible and people will not be willing to pay more. Ask yourself, honestly, are you willing to pay more? Of course some people are but most are not. That means that the manufacturers will have to either eat the cost or force it back onto the consumers.

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by slackoon (#27255049) Attached to: Google's Amazing Browser Experiments
So I can throw a ball from one browser window to another, so I can have the Google home page fall to the bottom of my screen in a heap....WHAT'S THE POINT?
Firefox and it's addons allow me to do anything that I want and more. Although I do like Google chrome I'm sticking with Firefox. They develop for the sake of improvement and not just for the sake of "look at me!!" like apparently Google does.
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slackoon writes "From an article on CNN
" Reactions are as varied as they are strong to Tuesday's New York Post cartoon that depicted the police shooting of a chimpanzee. Two police officers, one with a smoking gun, are near the chimp's bullet-pierced body. "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill," one officer says.

The Post's Sean Delonas used a typical editorial cartoon trope of linking two current news stories: the shooting of a chimp after it mauled a Connecticut woman and President Obama's signing of the stimulus bill." So /. readers, do you think it's racist?"

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