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Comment Re:Nobody fucking wants this (Score 1) 196

That last part - letting your phone cast - basically is Windows 10 Continuum. The head unit still needs a way of receiving that signal and doing processing like using the touch screen in the dash, so it isn't just a HDMI jack. It's more like Remote Desktop with some tweaks. That said, do I want a Windows 10 phone - no not really. Do I want something like it for Android to my UConnect's 9" screen, yes. Even in the summary this said when the car is parked or auto drive. As an owner of a car with adaptive cruise + lane aware, it's actually a pretty reasonable proposition. My interaction on the daily commute in heavy traffic is lane changes and turns or taking over in cases of bad weather. I don't abuse it and keep my hands on the wheel (it yells at me if I don't) but I have very little I have to do while in the traffic crawl on the highway and my car isn't one of the fancy ones like the Tesla that can do much more. Right now it's just chilling to audiobooks, but we aren't that far from large periods of being completely interaction free.

Comment Re:UK Parliament uses NSA friendly cloud (Score 1) 347

The whole Ireland stuff is still stuck in appeals. The Gov asked for the data, Microsoft took it to the courts - to my knowledge nothing was handed over yet. That's what lead to them expanding their content storage in Germany as they had more legal support for taking it there. The NSA demands stuff all the time - doesn't mean it's always handed over. Besides, if you are worried about security O365 and Azure support Bring Your Own Key encryption. That's relatively standard stuff now days with Azure Government tenants - granted, I've only done this for US customers, cannot speak for the UK. Regarding move to Germany, that's all scuttlebutt - but it's scuttlebutt from my local Microsoft Data Center folks over beers.

Comment Re:Like Microsoft Skype and Hotmail? (Score 2) 347

Not sure about the above, but to be fair, keep in mind that MS is creating new data (and expanding existing) centers in Germany - with the emphasis to get away from NSA snooping. They used the fact that the NSA pissed off Germany with basically act of war level spying to get German support to move the O365 & Azure DCs there in a safe haven. There's talk behind the scenes to start offering customers an intentional geo-deoptimization to shove sensitive data outside of NSA reach - without charging for it. The MS data center SSPs I work with regularly are actually kind of excited about it as they trust the Germans more than the American Gov - what a weird world... Not saying this will work, we might be just trading one privacy insensitive government for another, but that's the chatter that I'm hearing.

Comment One argument for switching to DC voltage (Score 1) 169

Management doesn't understand the difference between telling them it's technically possible to do live maintenance and that it's a challenge like the rest of our technical feats. I feel for the guy and his survivors. I've seen the same pressures play out on my data centers, but thankfully we were able to arrange that type of work as semi-regular full DR test and the place I was working at simply didn't have the same uptime demands when push came to shove. From a safety angle, I can't help but think that moving over the DC voltage for datacenters might be a better option. Some of the big boys are already doing it as we're currently taking AC power, running it through or along side DC power backups, then up to AC for power supplies, then DC for the servers. There's an economy to it, but DC is just safer to work with. That said, there's always going to be an AC/DC bus that's dangerous to work on and live electrical work on it will always take appropriate design ($$) and proper training.

Comment Re:How to block MS? (Score 1) 316

For proxy filtering, I don't have a full list for the app store, but here's a list from Intune which includes all of the update pieces: - that would at least be a start. Also, Microsoft does have some additional steps on isolating Windows Store apps once they are on a PC, but I'm not sure I fully understood the direction they are going. It looks like they recommending the removal of networking permissions to anything except your user account, but I'd have to test it out to fully digest it:

Comment Re:So how many lawsuits have been filed so far? (Score 1) 316

So, you installed and OS that proudly says it has features that cloud sync. Accepted the EULA saying you knew it's there and agree to install. They didn't have to give any options to turn off telemetry collection and had no legal disclaimers that it worked and would adjust your EULA, but provided an option to do so, that works, but only partially. Yeah... Not sure a bug in an option designed to make the OS better is going to qualify as saying it's illegal.

Comment Re: Probably just not optimized yet (Score 1) 316

Spy-traffic? You mean the standardized telemetry data they used to assess how people use their OS to make it better? Where else would you suggest putting a random ID that let's you figure out which feedback comes from which users? Apple and Google do the same things as well - not saying I like it necessarily, but this isn't new. They aren't covert that this feature exists, or why, and it's in the EULA (not that people read it). The fact that when you toggle it off that some of the subsystems keep talking is what's broken. But that said, it's still good to fix it, so let them know to fix it, that's what the little feedback button is for. Complaining on /. doesn't get it fixed. Giving them feedback that something isn't working right via their Windows 10 feedback icon does.

Comment Re:Probably just not optimized yet (Score 1) 316

You're right, it's not fair to say Win7 is insecure and 10 isn't, but they companies I work for are so wickedly behind on patches for 7, they know they have massive holes all over the place, especially around .net and so forth. Most of those will only deploy 1-2 updates per month or don't enforce reboots at all so they have significant vulnerability issues. So to them 10 is perceived as more secure because it's "up to date". I do ConfigMgr consulting, so it's all about bulk OS and update deployment. My clients percieve it that way, so it rubs off. Fully up to date, who knows...

Comment Re:Probably just not optimized yet (Score 1) 316

I do ConfigMgr work as a consultant, so bulk OS upgrades is a core part of my job. I've got projects booked for upgrades for quite a while. Most of them are PoC though, the big guys aren't going completely bonkers, but they want to get off Windows 7, but don't want 8 so they are left seeing if 10 will be acceptable. Net new stuff though, it's actually getting some traction, did a health care divesture the other day, Windows 10 across 100% of their network so they can get rid of on-prem domain controllers (Azure AD join instead). Pretty big financial incentive since they had hundreds of little bitty locations of users and could ditch all their servers.

Comment Re:Probably just not optimized yet (Score 1) 316

Your right, which is why you should click that little Windows 10 Feedback icon they scattered all over the place and let them know. I've talked with the program manager and engineers a couple times and they really do want our feedback on this stuff. They will always have to weigh the needs of the many against the few (old IT curmudgeons) but the reason all that telemetry stuff is even there is that they want to improve their product.

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