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Comment One argument for switching to DC voltage (Score 1) 169

Management doesn't understand the difference between telling them it's technically possible to do live maintenance and that it's a challenge like the rest of our technical feats. I feel for the guy and his survivors. I've seen the same pressures play out on my data centers, but thankfully we were able to arrange that type of work as semi-regular full DR test and the place I was working at simply didn't have the same uptime demands when push came to shove. From a safety angle, I can't help but think that moving over the DC voltage for datacenters might be a better option. Some of the big boys are already doing it as we're currently taking AC power, running it through or along side DC power backups, then up to AC for power supplies, then DC for the servers. There's an economy to it, but DC is just safer to work with. That said, there's always going to be an AC/DC bus that's dangerous to work on and live electrical work on it will always take appropriate design ($$) and proper training.

Comment Re:How to block MS? (Score 1) 316

For proxy filtering, I don't have a full list for the app store, but here's a list from Intune which includes all of the update pieces: - that would at least be a start. Also, Microsoft does have some additional steps on isolating Windows Store apps once they are on a PC, but I'm not sure I fully understood the direction they are going. It looks like they recommending the removal of networking permissions to anything except your user account, but I'd have to test it out to fully digest it:

Comment Re:So how many lawsuits have been filed so far? (Score 1) 316

So, you installed and OS that proudly says it has features that cloud sync. Accepted the EULA saying you knew it's there and agree to install. They didn't have to give any options to turn off telemetry collection and had no legal disclaimers that it worked and would adjust your EULA, but provided an option to do so, that works, but only partially. Yeah... Not sure a bug in an option designed to make the OS better is going to qualify as saying it's illegal.

Comment Re: Probably just not optimized yet (Score 1) 316

Spy-traffic? You mean the standardized telemetry data they used to assess how people use their OS to make it better? Where else would you suggest putting a random ID that let's you figure out which feedback comes from which users? Apple and Google do the same things as well - not saying I like it necessarily, but this isn't new. They aren't covert that this feature exists, or why, and it's in the EULA (not that people read it). The fact that when you toggle it off that some of the subsystems keep talking is what's broken. But that said, it's still good to fix it, so let them know to fix it, that's what the little feedback button is for. Complaining on /. doesn't get it fixed. Giving them feedback that something isn't working right via their Windows 10 feedback icon does.

Comment Re:Probably just not optimized yet (Score 1) 316

You're right, it's not fair to say Win7 is insecure and 10 isn't, but they companies I work for are so wickedly behind on patches for 7, they know they have massive holes all over the place, especially around .net and so forth. Most of those will only deploy 1-2 updates per month or don't enforce reboots at all so they have significant vulnerability issues. So to them 10 is perceived as more secure because it's "up to date". I do ConfigMgr consulting, so it's all about bulk OS and update deployment. My clients percieve it that way, so it rubs off. Fully up to date, who knows...

Comment Re:Probably just not optimized yet (Score 1) 316

I do ConfigMgr work as a consultant, so bulk OS upgrades is a core part of my job. I've got projects booked for upgrades for quite a while. Most of them are PoC though, the big guys aren't going completely bonkers, but they want to get off Windows 7, but don't want 8 so they are left seeing if 10 will be acceptable. Net new stuff though, it's actually getting some traction, did a health care divesture the other day, Windows 10 across 100% of their network so they can get rid of on-prem domain controllers (Azure AD join instead). Pretty big financial incentive since they had hundreds of little bitty locations of users and could ditch all their servers.

Comment Re:Probably just not optimized yet (Score 1) 316

Your right, which is why you should click that little Windows 10 Feedback icon they scattered all over the place and let them know. I've talked with the program manager and engineers a couple times and they really do want our feedback on this stuff. They will always have to weigh the needs of the many against the few (old IT curmudgeons) but the reason all that telemetry stuff is even there is that they want to improve their product.

Comment Re:Probably just not optimized yet (Score 1) 316

Didn't say it was user error, but programmer error. On all of their routines that do telemetry, sounds like they didn't check the registry to see if the no call back was present. That said, use the feedback icon that's all over the place and let them know. I've talked to the Product Manager and a couple of the Engineers and they are actively listenting to all the noise, distilling it down and refocusing their efforts to make it a better product. So far I've had three emails back from an engineer asking for more details on my feedback comments, one of which they knew about and fixed in an update already. That's actually a good approach and they need constructive feedback to give us a good product. Yes, they have to weigh the needs of the casual user against the needs of the few IT curmudgeons, but it's up to us to fix it, and they gave us a good tool to let them know what to fix. Also, if you're in a panic about it, download MS EMET and lock your systems down. It lets you lock down every subsystem on your box so it will ONLY do exactly what you want it to do.

Comment Re:Probably just not optimized yet (Score 1) 316

Not saying you're wrong that it's broken, I bet that it's probably the case. I think it's more of a case of too many cooks in the kitchen in a hurry. We're old hat IT, and kind of curmudgeonly. Feedback from actual users around having weather on their start menu and things like now having to manually update apps has been actually pretty positive. So they get to weigh the desires of the few against the desires of the many. I don't see that as evil, just pragmatic. Keep in mind, things like that background app update, sync my data and settings to every computer I own. So when I set up something like a stock ticker, mail, weather or update Evernote, it syncs my preferences to every new computer I set up. I'll admit, I kind of like it that when I install an app on my laptop, it pops up on my desktop. As long as I have the resources to run it anyway. That does have a cost in the form of syncing overhead. I can disable most of that stuff, but I bet it'll take them a bit to get it 100% dialed in for use "off the grid." It's not perfect, and sure, there's some apps that don't make sense to sync, say a GPS app being synced to my desktop that doesn't have GPS, but I think with time we'll be able to fine tune it. To do that though, they need feedback from legitimate users. I've talked with the program managers and engineers a couple times and they legitimately want real, honest feedback on these things - that's why they left the feedback icons all over Windows 10. They really do want us to help make their OS better. That's why they have so many damn telemetry calls. I can't really fault them for that, but yes, they do need to fix their settings that respect turning it off.

Comment They are being asked to follow procedure, not... (Score 1) 142

This sounds like the administrative law folks decided, hey, you didn't follow proper procedure on this thing you did, go back and check the boxes on your paperwork. It doesn't sound like they are actually saying what they did was wrong or right. If they go back and check the boxes for public comment and still do what they did anyway, nothing changes. H1B1 is a complex subject on one hand, I like the fact that we do end up helping start up economies that were stagnate and had a low standard of living raising some folks from absolutely impoverished to just poor but livable, on the other side there is some truth in the "They took 'er jobs" line of thinking where we did have a lot of job displacement. It's seems much more impactful when the "host" country loses high paying jobs as a form of claimed altruism while really it just saved corporations money than if we'd have just sent over a bailout in the form of trade incentives that came out of our tax dollars. On the other side though India is in a drastically better state than it was 10 years ago and the outsourcing is leveling off and now starting to go elsewhere (China, Vietnam...) and they now have the skilled workforce to run their own modern economy without relying as much on other countries.

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