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+ - First Look: Review of Ubunbu 7.10->

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slackaddict writes "I double dare anyone who thinks Linux is not ready for the desktop of average Joe to use Ubuntu 7.10 for 30 days. By far, Ubuntu is the nicest, most polished, easiest to use Linux distribution I've ever had the opportunity to work with. Everything just works. Everything is polished and beautiful. Software is painfully simple to install. Hardware is a breeze to install. What's not to love about Ubuntu? This latest release is more of the same Ubuntu goodness. Can you tell I love this distro?"

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+ - Open Addict blocks Internet Explorer users-> 2

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derrida writes "The popular website Open Addict, is now blocking Internet Explorer users from viewing the newly designed front page due to IE rendering bugs: "I'm tired of hacking workarounds for IE's bad implementations of standard technologies; Try to validate Internet Explorer's home page and see if you think Microsoft cares about standards". And the site admin goes one step further: "I'm going to take this a step further. Since IE sucks so much and actually hurts the adoption and use of web standards, I'm asking each of you that run a website to block IE.". Here is how you can do it."
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