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Comment Re:What's the deal with the rush of TSA stories re (Score 2, Insightful) 1135

The TSA's actions are completely, utterly, and without recourse illegal under the laws described in the US Constitution. Unfortunately, the Constitution doesn't provide average citizens with any way to punish the people in power who perform these illegal acts or who mandate that these illegal acts be performed.

See Amendment 2

Comment Re:Use? Yes. Drive? No. (Score 1) 606

Why bother with a third, and wasteful dimension when we have millions of miles of roads already? I say we'll more easily create auto-pilot 2D cars, using current infrastructure long before flying cars. And when we can go 100-200 mph on current roads (g-force withstanding), who needs a third dimension?

Comment Re:30 inch HP LP3605 here @ 2560x1600 (Score 1) 952

People seem to forget that printers need the super high resolution because they don't have nearly the color gradient that a monitor has. Every pixel on my monitor can display 1 in a (sic) millions colors. Most printers offer up to at most 7 possible colors for a single "pixel". Thus at a much higher dpi, it can better estimate the actual color you wanted. Honestly, 300 dpi x millions of colors should be enough for anyone.

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