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Comment: Re:How long will IPv6 last? (Score 1) 406

by skudenfaugen (#34635518) Attached to: Military Pressuring Vendors On IPv6

Doesn't matter. I want IPv6-NAT... And anyway, IPv6 addresses are ugg-ly.

Hell, maybe the whole IPv6 thing should be thrown out and something else designed, that is more compatible with the existing IPv4 network.

It can't be any worse than deailing with and subsiquentally memorizing different activation key codes. I'm not proud that I can spit out the keys for my Win2000, WinXP, Office2k3, and Win7 volume licenses; but I know that I wont have any problem with IPv6 addresses because I can do this.

Comment: Re:Meet George Jetson.... (Score 1) 257

by skudenfaugen (#34588548) Attached to: 'Pocket Airports' Would Link Neighborhoods By Air

No, seriously, meet him. Head on, at about 5000 feet.

Every time I hear about flying cars I cringe. All too often people are ill equipped for the comparably easy 2Ds of today's roads. I cant imagine that adding an extra dimension is going to make things any better. Plus, do you really want a 16yr old crashing the family car through the roof of your house? Now I am really worried about my daughter learning to drive.

Comment: Compatibility for all (Score 1) 178

by skudenfaugen (#31379028) Attached to: Best WAP For Dense Crowds?
802.11n is compatible with all of the previous specs (a,b and g) even though they didn't all talk to each other. Mixed mode (2.4 and 5GHz to the rescue). Here are a couple links that should help explain (yes I know these are older but these should help get the idea across). and

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