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Comment Re:Teensy 3.1 (Score 1) 44

You just put the whole teensy on your breadboard, just like the way you would normally get an Arduino on a breadboard; you get an Arduino Nano. You can get them from China for less than $4, if you don't mind getting a knockoff.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 126

1.- Its a laptop as far as users are concerned, in fact I never sold a single one at the shop where anybody called them anything but laptops. If you think users will "cut you a break" because its ARM? News Flash they don't know a CPU from a HDD, they WILL expect it to do every.single.thing. your average laptop in Walmart does? When it don't? Hello return desk.

2.- Go look on your local CL under Chromebooks, News Flash they are already being dumped en masse because to steal a line from a former POTUS "Its the programs stupid!". People see a Chromebook, and again I cannot stress this enough users have no fucking clue what an OS is and all they know is "I use Google at home, it says it is from Google, so I can do everything I can do at home" and after a couple of weeks of finding out that is NOT the case? Hello Craigslist. I just looked on mine, they have a pile of 'em in the $70 range and most have been there awhile, know what that tells me? The users are treating them just as they treated those cheap tablets, they use it a few weeks, find it wanting, and get rid of it.

3.-...Sigh, how hard is it to understand? YOU know what an OS is, know who don't? THE VAST MAJORITY OF CONSUMERS that is who! They aren't gonna know WTF an "Android" is because, and I bet my last fucking dollar damned near everyone of them will say "that is for cellphones" and is that a cellphone? Nope its a laptop and therefor should do what laptops should do which according to Joe and Jane is RUN WINDOWS PROGRAMS, when it don't? Hi return desk, I'd like to return this?

4.-GPUs...Will these GPUs run all those Winhdows programs that Joe and Jane WILL expect it to run, because that IS what runs on the laptops at Walmart? No? Then nobody will have a single fuck to give, next!

5.-Windows 10? Yeah that is why you are extra fucked as again Joe and Jane have not a single fuck to give about rumors of spying, data collection, all that shit means nothing, for fucks sake they blab their sex lives on FB! What they DO care about very much is Windows 10 LOOKS like Windows 7, and all their programs run on it just fine. Ya know what I do to Windows 8 PCs brought into the shop with users demanding I "fix it"? I slap in classic shell, voila! That'll be $50 and they hand it over with a big happy smile on their face because all they care about is the GUI and form factor and if its a laptop that LOOKS like Windows 7? Well they are just happy campers and Win 10? Looks like Windows 7.

All of these points you are bringing up? Yeah its pretty damned obvious that you have NEVER worked retail or you would know that Joe user? He don't even know WTF those words even mean! An Operating System? CPU? GPU? What are those? If its a cellphone it should act like a cellphone, a laptop should act like a laptop, which means it should look and act like Windows. Mark my words, feel free to bookmark this post, when these flop I'll sure as hell be dropping links to this as a big giant TOLD YA SO because I have been working retail since the Shat sold Vic 20s with TJ Hooker hair and I KNOW how consumers think, and this? Ain't gonna work.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 0) 126

Except this is retarded either way. Linux on netbooks? It has been done and saw a 400% higher return rate than Windows on the same device, why? Simple people don't give a shit about the OS but they DO care about THEIR PROGRAMS. Their programs don't run? You might as well give them an Emu and tell them to do their computing on that for all the good it'll do 'em.

As for ARM on laptops? Pick your test, you'll see that the BEST chips that ARM has to offer in 2015 cannot compete with the first gen C2D chips from 2007 in performance, they just can't. The simple fact that ARM fans don't want to accept is ARM doesn't scale and once you start ramping up the cycles or adding cores to up the performance? Well there went your power budget, you'd be better off with the new Intel Atom chips that frankly curbstomp the living shit out of the latest greatest ARM chips. Like it or not, despite all these companies just throwing money at it, ARM simply doesn't scale performance wise worth a shit, it just don't. It is simply easier for Intel and AMD to lower the power on their APUs than it is for ARM to scale up their IPC because the performance gap is just so great.

So sorry Linus but you are wrong, as the only thing ARM has to offer is cheap and as we saw with first the netbook craze and then the tablet craze that people will put up with cheap = lousy performance for only a VERY limited time and then they chunk the things, hell I've had so many trying to practically give me cheap ARM tablets, nobody wants the things, the same will be true of Linux ARM netbooks/laptops. Folks will take 'em home, try to run their Windows programs (because again they don't know WTF an OS is) and when it don't work? The store is gonna have a fricking mound of the things in the return pile. No store is gonna put up with that for long so they'll dump 'em and never buy another and that will be the end of that. Sorry Linus, no sale.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 1) 368

You've never been on mass transit and been forced to be near people who (1) stink to high heaven, (2) are drunk, or (3) loud and threatening?

I have a story about (1) that beats them all. A four hundred poundish woman who would get on the train, and within seconds of the doors closing, half the car smelt like ass and death. She was always talking to herself, and all you could do is wait it out. She usually only rode for a few stops, but people who knew what was up would get out and switch cars.

Your car might sit in traffic but at least you're not sweating, listening to obnoxious music. etc.

When it comes to cars, having them at work is convenient if you are doing things after work, or sometimes even on the way to it. Working a job where I was going to the same place, at about the same time five days a week, for roughly the same amount of time every day, I did not need a car. And if something were going on, I could catch a ride with friends and still get a later train back home.

I saved SO much money in gas over those couple of years. Was the money saved worth the 'drama' of having to 'endure' mass transit? Hell yeah it was.

Comment Re:Android's Achilles Heel (Score 3, Informative) 154

People have been filing bugs to the Android team over this issue since 2011 and it has never been addressed, and the newer bugs keep getting pushed to lower and lower priority.

I'm really starting to get pissed at this tendency. They let bugs that lots of people care about persist forever. For instance, there are actually two active bugs for pinless bluetooth pairing. This is a problem that actually predates gingerbread.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 2) 368

It ain't safe for you to ride the bus through Central LA everyday. Especially not some pasty white dude making 6 figures; you're going to get their attention. You use the past tense; I'm going to guess you didn't really do it for very long. I will say that I've never been to LA; but I did the same thing in Memphis years ago. Only I wasn't a 6 figure eco green hipster, I was actually poor with no car.

You are making some generalizations that while close to true, are exaggerated. I rode the train for three years and stopped doing it because I got a new job, not out of concern for my safety. There were a couple of hectic incidents that could have been dangerous, but they were dangerous for everyone involved and not because I was white.

One incident was where an Eighteen Street gangster got on at one stop and then rode for three stops screaming "Fuck Florencia" at anyone and everyone who was on the train. Luckily for him, nobody from Florencia was on the train.

Another incident involved a situation in Watts where a guy from one gang got on the train and three or four other gangsters were not happy to have him there. Things almost got ugly and it was to the point where I helped a woman get out of the way so that they could settle their beef, but luckily for everyone involved, the train reached the next station and all of the people involved in that situation got off to settle their problems with each other out on the platform.

As for being robbed, the only thing you really stand to lose these days is a wallet with no cash in it because everything is digital, and your cell phone assuming you're the type to live on it. The thing is, the majority of people on the train these days have a smart phone. They do not scream "rob me" like they would have a decade ago.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 4, Insightful) 368

To offer a single counter point, when I was living in Long Beach, CA and commuting into downtown Los Angeles, I opted to take the blue line instead. It took a little bit longer, but it was worth it for me because my employer subsidized the cost of the ticket as part of a county initiative to reduce traffic congestion.

My options were sit in bumper to bumper traffic for an hour every morning, or kick back on the train and read for about an hour and fifteen minutes. To me, the extra 30 minutes I spent on the train every day was worth not having to sit in traffic and pay for gasoline.

Just an opinion here, but I think that a person has to be a certain kind of sick in the head to actually prefer the "freedom" of sitting in their own car in traffic if given the opportunity take mass transit instead.

I also had co-workers who took Amtrak trains into work from 50+ miles away. Another co-worker of mine rode the bus in.

It has been my experience that in most cases, the challenge of getting people to take mass transit is cultural and based in classicism. I met people who had trouble getting their brains wrapped around the fact that I was making a six figure a year salary, and riding the train through south central Los Angeles. "You have a car, why would you want to subject yourself to that?" was a question that someone once asked me.

Comment Re:I don't think it will mean much (Score 1) 202

"Meat stock, you're revving up a slippery slope. I'm overriding that shit."

Meat stock? That's only after you're in a severe crash, and all that's left of you is soup. Anyway, traction control is awesome. If you have some actual traction to work with, and your TC is four-wheel, then it is ridiculously great.

Comment Re:Don't contact aliens. Don't. (Score 1) 184

ALONG WITH most alien species are completely AFRAID of humans as they know our true potential. They want NOTHING to do with us until we grow the fuck up (spiritually.)

You must be assuming some galactic police force existing too, then, because if they're afraid of us and developed enough to be aware of us they can almost certainly send us a rock that we can't cope with.

Comment None of the above (Score 1) 58

The real problem with identity theft is that courts are granting judgements which absolutely should not be granted. Someone got a judgement against me for credit granted on the basis of a check cashing card with my social security number written on it, and not very well I might add.

Of course, another way to fix this problem (and all debt problems) would be to make all debt the responsibility of the lender. They can take risks, they can accept collateral, but the courts couldn't then be used to ruin people's lives in pursuit of profit. The guy who created this bogus debt in my name knew it was bogus, and his filing against my credit report was therefore fraudulent. But the court should have caught it, and they either don't care or want to enable this activity so that they can profit from the assorted fees and justification for their existence.

Comment Re:Why not just lock down the radio portion? (Score 1) 143

WiFi routers aren't like mobile phones with separate application processor and baseband. Instead, they only have one chip,

some phones have only one chip, and some wifi routers have multiple chips. I have examples here both of wifi routers with the wifi separate and with the wifi integrated.

Only the very cheapest routers can only be implemented with a SoC. Lots of the more expensive ones already aren't.

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