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Comment: Re:I hope it works (Score 3, Informative) 60

by skovnymfe (#48873779) Attached to: Calls For European ISPs To Filter Content Could Be Illegal

They don't actually block content. If you use your ISP provided DNS service then lookup requests for certain domain names will be hijacked, and redirect to a "This page done bad" website.

As the article states, actually blocking content requires snooping on content and that's not just expensive, it's legality is questionable. As such, if you want to torrent and whatnot, you are still free to switch to a public, unfiltered DNS service á la Google or OpenDNS.

Comment: I could see it happening (Score 1) 129

by skovnymfe (#48703017) Attached to: Peter Diamandis: Technology Is Dissolving National Borders

A governing body for each continent controlling local policies like resource management and wildlife preservation, and whatnot, and a global governing body dictating global stuff like how much we must pay in copyright taxes and other such wildly important politics.

I'm not saying it's a good idea or not, but I can see it happening. We're already moving in that direction. Japan takes over Australia, Korea and the island nations, China absorbs India and all the other surrounding countries that don't particularly like China, including Russia once it collapses, Africa experiences a growth boom and becomes the new defacto place to be like China once was, European Union is already there, as is USA. South America just needs to stop fooling around and get on with it.

Comment: Re:Nope. (Score 1) 83

by skovnymfe (#48694485) Attached to: Russia Plans To Build World First DNA Databank of All Living Things
Suppose these ingenious Russians deviced a way to put one building on top of another. Each building would then be connected by a metal box that can travel up and down along a corridor, perhaps attached to cables for pull action, or some sort of push device. Wouldn't that just be fantastical?

Comment: Re: Who ends up paying for this? (Score 1) 85

by skovnymfe (#48478207) Attached to: Bidding In Government Auction of Airwaves Reaches $34 Billion

If you exclude all the unpopulated areas of America, you live just as tightly packed as any other developed country. Your legal system is just stupid, and you're too happy with bending over backwards for your big businesses.

I live in a country with 1/4th the population of New York, spread across an area 1/3rd the size of New York. I have 14 mobile phone carriers to choose from. Yes, 14, and that's not counting the ones that've shut down over the years. Looking at the first company on the list, 3, the most expensive contract I can pick is unlimited talking, unlimited texting, unlimited MMS (picture texts, don't know what you call them) and 20GB/month data limit. If you don't need that much data, you can get the same deal with just 5GB for 30$ or 1GB for $20. Population quantity or density makes no difference. Your country is just consumer-unfriendly.

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