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Comment Who cast the first stone? (Score 5, Insightful) 311

Who cast the first stone? Did people stop reading newspapers because they were becoming shit filled with advertisements and no content, or did the newspapers become shit filled with advertisements and no content because people stopped reading them?

The trend I've observed was that people used to buy newspapers, but then free newspapers, and later online newspapers, filled with ads and ADHD-quality content started becoming a thing, and they rather quickly eliminated their competition, or at the very least forced the competition to fight on their level, which in the end hasn't turned out well for anyone.

Comment You HAVE to work for it (Score 1) 474

A system like this doesn't work if people HAVE to work to receive their benefits, because as Holland so clearly points out, if you HAVE to contribute then you HAVE to have people who oversee it, and so on. Instead they should just encourage people to contribute. You have 8 hours of free time every day and you get a stack of money. Why not do something with that time? Teach a course in something, go clean the park, help the elderly, whatever.

Comment You lack the knowledge (Score 1) 490

You have no clue what is politically important. You get to vote on the end result of years of discussion and mediation. If it were up to you to decide what to vote on, you would make a law that McDonalds shouldn't be allowed to sell french fries without ketchup, or something equivalent. It's not that you're particularly stupid, but your world view doesn't cover the entire nation or the entire world. It just covers what you eat at McDonalds.

As much as you might dislike it, this is why career politicians exist. They dedicate their lives to understanding and producing politics on a level you will never comprehend.

Comment Re:Looking forwards (Score 1) 181

People want entertainment and skill. Taking the most amount of steroids or doping is a feat of strength as much as is hitting a homerun or cycling over a mountain. But if your baseball bat hits the ball for you or your bicycle doesn't require pedaling, then there's no entertainment. Or in this case, if you can just carve a path in the ice with your broom and make the stone go where you want it to, then what's the point having a skilled thrower? If all you have to do is jump in the water and your magic swimsuit automatically pushes the water in front of you to the back, then what's the point? If your golf club autocorrects any lack of training and strength and whacks holes in one every time, then whats the point?

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