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Comment Re:hyperloop without the hyper or loop (Score 1) 190

How much does the battery cost to replace?

Unknown since it is not known how soon one needs to replace it. With the first round of the batteries in the MS (i.e. 2012 version), it appears that somewhere around 200-250K miles, is when the battery pack will be around 85% level. So most ppl think that it new packs will be needed around 2020-2022. At that point, it might costs 5K for a change.
Of course, with 200-250K miles on an ICE car, you will most likely have to rebuild the engine, along with all of that nasty maintenance.

Comment To the person that modded my original posting down (Score -1, Offtopic) 66

I am not certain if you are Indian and take this personal, OR, if you are simple a liberal that sees this as 'politically incorrect', but obviously, you are one likely 1 of these. I am not being racists in this. In the past, the very situation of this kind of monetary difference was seen as being prone to security issues. What is needed is to keep this situation out of production. Yet, many companies choose to go with foreigners on implementing production code and never think about the security implication. It does not mean that foreigners can not be used to code, or in other arenas. BUT, the money should be much closer and the company should be operating withing that nation's borders. That way, the employee has a loyality issue to their fellow country men.

But, it is long past time for you to get past your OWN racism (I am married to an Indian and we have children ), and realize that this situation is occurring.

Comment And this will continue because: (Score -1, Troll) 66

1) the ATMs run windows
2) they outsourced some or all of the production side of this to India.

Now, with that known, why should ie surprise ANYBODY that an Indian company who has NO sense of loyality to American companies that are not allowed to operate in their nation, and where the Americans pay them under $10,000 / year, while paying Americans more than $100,000 / year, should not take 100,000 (i.e. 10x their salary) to leave a backdoor in that the russians access, put in a new back door and then remove the old one.
Until the west gets past their insane political correctness, this will continue.

Comment Cores or 'cores'? (Score 1) 121

AMD's dual-core, partially shared, but partially independent has been a confusing thing. Better than hypethreading, but worse than real cores, claiming performance of real cores.

Note for all those desktop enthusiasts out there, don't get too excited. To look at Intel as an example, they go up to 4 cores per desktop socket, but go to 18 cores per socket in servers (at 150W per socket) as of this moment (can't talk about unreleased product). AMD does 8 'core' desktop processors (4 modules) and 16 'core' opteron (really 8 modules), so it's not just an Intel thing.

Comment Re:Cores Schmores (Score 3, Informative) 121

The Thunderbird was nice, but it was more of a price/performance winner than overall performance. A 1GHz Thunderbird ran stable at 1.3GHz and was similar performance to a 2GHz Pentium 4 at a fraction of the cost (particularly as the P4 required RAMBUS DRAM, so you could stick twice as much DDR in Athlon for the same money). It wasn't until the Opteron that AMD really started winning on performance. The integrated DRAM controller was a big win and being first to 64 bits (which, on x86, means more GPRs, sane floating point ISA, and PC-relative addressing) gave them a huge advantage. Unfortunately, they haven't really been competitive since the Core 2, except in market segments where Intel intentionally cripples their offerings (e.g. no more than 2 SATA ports on the Atom Mini-ITX boards to avoid competition with the i3 boards, making AMD the only viable option).

Comment Re:That may be. (Score 4, Insightful) 464

That is true, but also used to describe some pretty ridiculous people. People who genuinely consider themselves in the same league as people who put themselves in the way of bodily harm to advance the civil rights movement back in the day. Except they are just posting stuff on the internet and sometimes fighting against purely imagined circumstances, and sometimes launching into campaigns of harassment against the stray random person who makes even a slightly insensitive twitter message, saying they deserve to be fired and blackballed in the industry, and all sorts of things.

It's the campaigns of harassment that I find particularly unsettling, as they don't take any effort in understanding the perspective of the person who offended. For example a young man I knew in high school would say some pretty intolerant things about gay people. Ultimately it was an expression of his difficulty coming to grips with being gay himself, and fortunately he found the right friends and support to get him through it. I shudder to think if he had to go through that today in a more public forum and earn the wrath of some of these people, going after him relentlessly and trying everything they can figure out to further ruin his life moreso than how screwed up he was by his predicament.

Some of these people are more bully than 'educated caring intelligent people', doing what they can to feel better about themselves first and foremost, thinking they are doing 'good'.

Comment Re: All I know is that this: (Score 2) 265

I just think that people are failing to recognize that github effectively benefits from encouraging traditional centralized version control workflows but using git. They don't emphasize teaching people on how to do offline merges and peer to peer, they encourage every change to be pushed and then a pull request with a handy-dandy 'click to merge' button.

So github shouldn't get a pass for what is possible with git (they didn't make git after all). They just leverage the popularity of git to build what is for most users a traditional repository. They should be criticized for failings around uptime. Particularly as they also serve as the place people host the builds for users to download.

I think github provides value (particularly for the networking effect for collaboration) and thus I think being worryingly worse with respect to uptime is a problem.

Comment Re: Does this schedule leave time for listening? (Score 1) 230

Windows 10 is a pretty good sign they were paying *some* attention to the Windows 8 reaction.

To be fair, until they released, they couldn't gauge the reaction from the market they *wanted* in Windows 8, mobile/tablet users. Yes the desktop users may have made it quite clear how screwed up it was, but MS doesn't really need to care about them, they are a captive audience. They wanted to capture the market they couldn't get before.

Comment Re: What about instead waiting until it's ready? (Score 1) 230

That has been a long standing problem with many companies, that they strive to make software developers interchangeable cogs through process. Apply enough process and you'll get great products whether you use experienced and enthusiastic people or bottom of the barrel people who can't make more money another way.

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