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Bill Gates Patents 'Virtual Entertainment' 141

theodp writes "In the '80s, Bill Gates and his then-girlfriend went on 'Virtual Dates' by viewing the same movie at the same time in different cities and discussing it on their cell phones. On Tuesday, Gates and 15 co-inventors were awarded U.S. Patent No. 8,012,023 for 'Virtual Entertainment', which Microsoft explains: 'The subject innovation provides for systems and methods that supply immersive entertainment, and create a sensation for a user(s) that is similar to having guests (who are in remote locations), to be presented as virtual guests to the user during performance of an event (e.g., a live sporting event, spectator game, television shows, games and the like).' And that silly Audre Lorde said there are no new ideas!"

Comment Re:Cant compete, but sue. (Score 2) 412

It was clear to anyone in the mobile industry that someone would come up with a touch screen spanning the whole mobile phone in the years before the iPhone was introduced, in fact there were other attempts. The main reason Apple was the first to be successful, was the willingness of its customers to pay top dollars for its products, allowing for a product with an expensive touchscreen before others. The technical aspects were in no respects a revolution, see for example SonyEricsson (matrix menu system) and Nokia devices (GPS, 5MP camera, video recorder) from the time. No magic there, just marketing power - pushing the consumer.

The other success factor, with the apple app store, or rather horizontal control over app creation and distribution, was a natural consequence of the dysfunctional approach of assigning distribution right to mobile phone operators (where were all the mobile applications for 2G? They were sitting on developer's machines without the correct signatures - mobile phone operators were incompetent). No magic there, just marketing power - pushing the operators.

Of course Apple have been good, in fact they have been great, but (almost) first does mean they can or should bully others from making products with the same specifications, order of icons included, that is simply without merit. BTW: I have been programming JME (+Blackberry), Symbian, iOS and Android apps in order of appearance from 2003.

Comment Blackberry juice (Score 2) 32

I must say that although I like Blackberry, but other FAILS and now this really disappoints me. And my customers. When people create sites like this:

then something is seriously wrong.

A short summery of the issue at hand: An application is divided into multiple files for over-the-air install. Each files is signed individually and might require signatures from more than one server, all depending on what APIs are in use. So at the moment I need 15-20 signatures per application per build, even a fairly low chance of an unserved request still makes the system fail as a whole. And if one type of server is down, 100% of builds fail.

Comment Re:I *hate* this discussion (Score 1) 773

I'm sorry I do not care to double check my english and get everything 100% for you. And please, asking other people for their credentials and then making your own claims without, is lame.

You'll be happy to know that this magic is very much about the frequency and not so much about the 'watt'.

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