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Comment Re:Say Good By to the Rainforests .... (Score 1) 851 851

That's because the demand for the right stuff also increases demand for the wrong stuff.

That's a confused mode of thinking. You could just as easily say that demand for alternatives to it increase demand for it, because it causes people to turn away from those alternatives to a buyers market.

Comment Re:Say Good By to the Rainforests .... (Score 1) 851 851

Atheism has no tradition, stories of faith, or organizational structure

Wrong, right, wrong. There is organized atheism and there are "traditions" of a sort in that those involved in atheist activism tend to historically exhault certain influential figures of philosophical importance to them.

And wrong, you don't get to label atheist ideals as "faith" or "belief" because that is twisting words. You could say some have a fair degree of dogma, though.

Comment Re:More like a bad design for voting system (Score 1) 57 57

This. Part of these systems has to be that you cannot prove to another person how you voted, whle still allowing you to prove to yourself that your vote was correctly counted. There are schemes for that but they mostly require the voter to be intellectually able to trust mathematics.

Comment Damn the torpedos full speed ahead (Score 5, Funny) 151 151

If you're thinking of launching your own company... it's worth scanning the list to see if any of these potential crises are brewing in your setup.

I thought the whole point was to jump in head-first and just hope the thing gets bought by an aquisitions team from an established company or pull all the copper out of the walls on your way out and end up breaking even (and therefore having employed yourself for a year or three.)

Comment Re:Absence?! (Score 1) 595 595

I keep hearing this argument against NAT but somehow everything right now is running fine. What exactly is broken?

All the things we worked around to get things to work through NAT. And a few thigs that you would be using if we could figure out how, but cannot.

You're welcome. It would have been much easier without NAT.

Comment Re:Absence?! (Score 1) 595 595

Pv6 can (and generally does) use transient random addresses for client computers. No machine keeps an IP address for more than about an hour usually.

That is not likely to catch on in many enterprise environments, which is one reason for slow adoption -- first hop security had to be secured along with DHCPv6 snooping so that addresses could be held fixed. Yes, even for clients. Most of the auto-address self-configuration stuff is crap. It was crap in IPv4 zeroconf and is still crap in IPv6.

Comment Re:Absence?! (Score 1) 595 595

NAT has no security benefits.

This I can readily agree with. NAT provides nothing security-wise than a firewall can do.

NAT's sole purpose is address scarcity.

Unfortunately, no, NAT has been around long enough to pick up some "off-label" uses so to speak.
Once a server is set up to work correctly from behind a NAT people start thinking of clever tricks
to play with NAT and some of them have become an integral part of network functionality.

Especially it is used a lot in cloud service redundancy/bridging setups.

Comment Re:Too good to be true (Score 2) 243 243

There are actually poorly engineered adgets out there that cut off well before an alkaline is tapped. They are the same ones that have trouble operating off NiMHs.

(Whereas the ones the SP mentions that drain the hell out of batteries need to be used with care with NiMH as they can decrease rechargeable shelf life by doing that.)

Ever since LSD NiMHs hit the market I have not bought a single alkaline oter than to put in gifts given to someone who can't handle rechargeables.

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