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Comment: Re:mask NM (Score 1) 164

by skids (#48658073) Attached to: NetworkManager 1.0 Released After Ten Years Development

Yes, it has been easier in general to move out of the way than some of the other desktop junk. Some of the automated editing of config files was annoying but at least how to kick it off an interface was easy to find and no other applications were so tangled up with it that they got cranky without it running, unlike avahi which always causes error message spew everywhere when it is down and over the years has been a game of whack-a-mole to keep it killed what with all the different ways it got started.

In general other than the smurfword name and the fact that I'm always elbow deep in network stuff and cannot have it interfering I think it's been a net positive to have around.

I wonder if it will make a push towards becoming an 11u cred manager. We do need a good UI for that if the rank and file users are ever to use 11u for something other than letting providers find ways to monetize their use of hotspots.

Comment: Re:NetworkManager (Score 2) 164

by skids (#48658005) Attached to: NetworkManager 1.0 Released After Ten Years Development

My best guess as to why they would mess with that is they wanted to fix a few issues where the standalone DHCP clients were not re-negotiating when they needed to, and of course they wanted to do it over DBUS. The alternative fix would have been to work with DHCP client projects/maintainers to add pluggable DBUS control interfaces to those, but when given the choice between that and mission creep, mission creep wins these days. Unless they just decided to use the systemd DHCP client they put in there for use booting containers, and that is what is being referred to.

The other hard components to wrangle are pptpd/pppd/l2tpd (convincing them to hang up when they should, and getting them to promptly relinquish their device node so rules written against ppp0 don't have to be yanked back out and reinstalled when it changes to ppp1 after a tunnel rebuilds.) I wonder how long until they roll their own of those instead of helping improve them.

Comment: Re:Sure... (Score 2) 341

People just cannot resist the ease of communication. Email is the crack cocaine of IT security.

I've always maintained the most devastating payload a worm could have would be forwarding random things from sent-mail to random receipients in the contacts list, considering how so many lead incredibly dishonest lives.

Comment: Re:Stupid (Score 1) 396

by skids (#48627121) Attached to: Google Proposes To Warn People About Non-SSL Web Sites

Since many people browse from poorly secured wifi segments, it can happen more than you might think. Also, since a large proportion of wired networks do not have their first-hop-security features turned on (and can't in the case of ipV6 because they lack the features) opportunities are readily available.

Comment: Re:Stupid (Score 2) 396

by skids (#48622981) Attached to: Google Proposes To Warn People About Non-SSL Web Sites

Answer: So that when someone browses to your URL they don't get malware injected into their browser by a MITM.

That said, GP nails it: the problem with SSL is not the tech, it's the that the CAs are money grubbing semi-competent boobs, and the trusted certificate lists are administered by either OS or browser producers leaving a huge open arena for politics and perverse incentives.

Comment: Re:Home of the brave? (Score 1) 586

by skids (#48622879) Attached to: Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release

Yeah, really corporate liability concerns are the core of the matter here. Nations and individuals can stand up to assholes like these guys, corporations will only do so when the profit/loss projections favor it. They are truly the weak link.

Not that the movie plot wasn't in rather poor taste in the first place. I kinda cringed when I first saw the ads, as it is sort of in the uncanny valley between an absurd envelope pusher and a bland clown show.

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