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Comment: Re:This tweet (FTFA) shows how screwed up it is. (Score 1) 192

by skiddie (#36794700) Attached to: UK Developers Quit US App Store Over Patent Fears

I know they have a patent on PageRank, but that's a different matter.

IANAL, but I suspect that google has more than one patent. The fact that you know that they have one patent has no relation on another patent they might have.

Do you have a link that talks about a patent for the Google home page?

Comment: Re:Ow ow ow. (Score 1) 530

by skiddie (#24666277) Attached to: A Good Reason To Go Full-Time SSL For Gmail
I should add (for full disclosure) that I just edited the entry for minor aspects of appearance (added a list where there previously was a paragraph of list items) and for clarity. If you disagree with any of the changes I made, obviously feel free to revert them; I don't think that they are in any way controversial, however.

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