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Comment: Personally I like it when the cat dies (Score 1) 384

by skatull (#44354959) Attached to: The Book That Is Making All Movies the Same

Murphy: I can't believe that just fucking happened!
Rocco: Is it dead?
Rocco: I killed your cat, you druggie bitch.
Donna: God.
Rayvie: What?
Donna: Why?
Rocco: I thought it would bring closure to our relationship.

But they may have something, Boondock Saints was not a hit in theaters, falls in "cult classic" bin. Did make millions on rentals/dvd sales so the studio green lighted the crappy sequel.

Comment: As many as I need, right now I need 21 (Score 0) 502

by skatull (#39174793) Attached to: The correct number of shoes to own:

2 pairs dress, 1 pair casual, 2 pairs western boots (1 dress, 1 roper) 2 pair leather sandals (Birkenstock, Rainbow), 1 pair waterproof sandals, 1 pair running, 1 pair light hiking, 1 pair backpacking, 2 pairs climbing (1 laced, 1 moccasin), 1 pair nordic ski boots, 1 pair alpine ski boots, 1 pair snow boots, 1 pair dive booties, 1 pair in-line skates, 1 pair ice hockey skates, 1 pair cycling shoes, 1 pair rain boots.

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