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Comment Re:Moral of the story: (Score 1) 147

It's not even as if Java is a huge security problem today. It's effectively been click-to-play by default in all major browsers for a long time, and the plug-in itself then has a bunch more security safeguards before it will trust remote code to do just about anything.

Agree. Expensive enterprise software often relies on applets, that's the way it is and how it will remain for some years.

Now if Java or browsers had the ability to whitelist Java applets, then for an enterprise with control over its own applets, I actually don't see any particular security problem with applets running within a browser. Why not allow enterprises to run software they control and trust?


Microsoft's Skype Drops Modern App In Favour of Old-Fashioned Win32 App 186

mikejuk writes: Microsoft, after putting a lot of effort into persuading us that Universal Apps are the way of the future, pulls the plug on Skype modern app, to leave just the desktop version. Skype is one of Microsoft's flagship products and it has been available as a desktop Win32 app and as a Modern/Metro/WinRT app for some time. You would think that Skype would support Universal Apps, there are few enough of them — but no. According to the Skype blog: 'Starting on July 7, we're updating PC users of the Windows modern application to the Windows desktop application, and retiring the modern application.' Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 Universal Apps as the development platform for now and the future, but its Skype team have just disagreed big time. If Microsoft can't get behind the plan why should developers? (Also at Windows Central and VentureBeat.)

Submission + - Rosetta team proposes landing on comet to finish mission

schwit1 writes: Rather than simply turn off the spacecraft when its funding runs out at the end of 2015, Rosetta's science team have proposed that the mission get a nine month extension, during which they will slowly spiral into the comet and gently land.

Their proposal is similar to what American scientists did with their NEAR spacecraft, which hadn't been designed to land on an asteroid but was successfully eased onto the surface of Eros, where it operated for a very short time.

Comment Re:Life (Score 2) 117

The four Galilean moons are interesting from an evolutionary POV. Io - Molten sulphur on the surface, purple volcanoes all over it. Europa - Deep water ocean, thin crust, very active plate tectonics. Ganymede - Europa with a deep dish crust and cooler core. Callisto - A rock.

Yes, I imagine the birds will have quite different types of beaks.

Comment Re:The roads are designed for flooding in Iceland (Score 3, Interesting) 69

... all of the many small bridges in the region are specifically designed to be washed away easily. It's simply cheaper to build them new ones after every serious flood.

The Icelandic director of transport states in this mornings paper that "bridges are expensive". Just rebuilding two particular bridges that are candidates for being washed away would cost roughly 25 million USD. In addition there's the disruption and inconvenience until some rudimentary bridges have been put in place.

The plan is therefore to try to save the bridges. If necessary, heavy machinery will be used to dig the roads apart the allow the flood to go that way. Rebuilding roads is a comparatively quick and painless process.

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