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+ - Site sets out to overload the NSA's PRISM->

Submitted by skadacl
skadacl writes: In a bold move, there's a new website out there seeking to overload the National Security Agency's PRISM program... If only it can go viral can the site certainly accomplish this goal. So, do you dare? Visit click the big red button, and you'll be searching Google for every single keyword the NSA is looking to track. How bold are you?
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Comment: Re:That was fast... (Score 1) 92

by skadacl (#36416630) Attached to: Apple Now World's Largest Semiconductor Buyer

Perhaps not incapable, but at the very least _currently_ unwilling. FOSS is still gaining traction and staying with the status quo makes the transition easier for people. There are pros and cons to that: easier transition, yet innovative stagnation. Perhaps what's really needed is a radical paradigm-shift, something new and amazing that will draw people to it. If you build it, they will come ; )

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