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Comment Still have one. (Score 1) 220

The cheapo models were made of plastic, but the debate at the time was whether the best models were of bamboo or magnesium construction. Mine is made of bamboo. There was also an elitism factor - how many scales does your slide rule have? Whether you used them or not was irrelevant.

The one thing slide rules do not do naturally is plain old addition and subtraction. There are multiple hacks (e.g., antilogs) and it was a competitive challenge to find the "best" way. Seem to recall that my method used the S and T scales.

Comment Re:That's nice but total travel time is a bitch (Score 1) 221

Breakdown of timing for my most recent flight (yesterday):

Travel time to airport: 90 minutes (normal time 20 minutes, but it was rush hour. A Taylor Swift concert on the way was not a problem.)
Time in airport, including ground hold time due to weather at destination: 210 minutes (normal 60 minutes)
Actual flight time: 70 minutes (normal time 50 minutes)
Time from touchdown to exiting the parking lot: 90 minutes (normal 30 minutes - airport operations stinks late at night)
Drive home: 90 minutes (normally 60 minutes, but weather and detours factored in).

Basically, 9 hr total travel time for a nominal 50 minute flight. Driving time is slightly shorter.

Comment Argh! (Score 1) 294

The last version of Firefox that I used unmodified out-of-the-box was version 2. Worked fine. Ever since it's been a game of whack-a-mole. Cannot think of a single must-have feature that had been added; instead, it's been a down-hill slide of trying to undo all the stupid new "features" that ruin an otherwise fine product. An endless treadmill of installing add-on extensions and tweaking about:config. Please, STOP IT!

Comment Rarely (Score 1) 319

If you mean upgrading to a new version - will do it on rare occassion, either need new features, or the old version didn't work so well. Maybe once per machine. If you means applying patches, then only once when the new OS is installed, then never. In any case, all my OS's are long since out of support anyway.

Comment Re:Europe is a shadow of itself (Score 1) 266

"America on the other hand never had any war on its main land."

The American Civil War was fought on US soil, is considered one of the earliest "Industrial Wars", and resulted in over one million casualties. Not the largest war ever, but its impact is still felt today.

"Also, europe is very strong in the free software world."

There was also that guy Torvalds from Finland who created something called Linux.

Comment Re:Hard To Say (Score 3, Interesting) 293

No trolling, and even though you post as AC, you raise a good point. Slashdot is not functional without Javascript enabled, and so that is how I read it. Nevertheless, it is teetering on the edge of becoming unusable. The moment it crosses the threshold, I will stop reading it. There are many websites that I used to visit (some hosting content by very good writers) but the Javascript jockeys have turned them to mush. The submitter seems to aspire to becoming one of those jockeys. What do I know? I'm just one person - a tiny mote in webserver logs. Whether I am a canary ...

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