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Comment This is going to be a big female future problem (Score 0) 137

If your in a cinema then no your coughs wont disguise your ringtone.

Couple of years ago we had 'invited' guests over when an easter occurred. a girl spent most of her time with her friends who might have been with us physically the phone had the attention. Not my problem...

Comment Re:Streetlights useful to remark road in bad weath (Score 1) 307

I live by a fast road in the uk , part of it has street lamps. seven people died in an overloaded renault clio late one night crossing four lanes and hitting a tree, another drove into a railway bridge that 'moved' I can give other examples but i attribute most of these fatalities to idiots. Yes the road might be more than the average 'dangerous' but that is due to the risks drivers take. The clio driver later committed suicide without using a car.

As uk lights dont have bad weather sensors I see bad drivers not bad lighting

Comment Video ad duplication and isp quotas (Score 1) 394

I have three browsers two have ad block one does not and that gets little use. I use the non adblock for flash as flash can kill my linux desktop with a restart at a certain resolution.

So i get adverts in this use case, most of the adverts where repeated, and one was an infomercial for a water heater which ran to twenty minutes was relatively local to my location and it played about fifteen times in the hour of the flash thing. The next day i looked at the band width used was incredible and decided that if I was the firm who bought the slots knew that i had seen it fifteen times then would be downright pissed off at the ad serving company.

Sure there ad got seen fifteen times by one set of eyeballs who was a 'local' but i dont have an immersion heater. Actually i found the ins and out of bad installations of these products interesting but i soon returned to my adblock browser. If isps insist on quotas for end users then ad block makes a lot a sense.

Comment Re:They will care, probably sooner than they think (Score 1) 128

I don't like systemd on debian testing which i run on laptop - but upgraded our stable server and systemd picks up init.d scripts and apart from a non on boot running script (easily fixed) i feel quite happy about systemd, i can tell you that systemd in testing is a lot different to stable. So its a bit of a mix.

i have ext3 filesystems.

Apache 2.2 > 2.4 is the worst upgrade job imho

Comment Apple was always innovative (Score 1) 458

Sometime in 2000 there was a coffee table sized book of non production apple designs with early ereaders, cheque book size computers etc that never made it into production etc.

Those ideas pre internet shopping have now been translated into reality in other things. Microsoft instead looked at pc boxes, ignored the internet and killed its competitors like novell to sell 'servers'. The average apple buyer knows what his/her thing can do, and the cloud and how it powers the naked selfies is something they dont care about.

I use linux and am happy with it- the last mac i used had a motorola processor.

Comment Re:Call Comcast? (Score 0) 405

As an european person who gets lots of spam attempts from comcrap/roach runner and twc especially trucklawyersomewhere@spammy i assume no decent email traffic comes from comcrap ranges et al. so when fail2ban id's hosts they lose visiting rights.

Since comcrap would not action any report of mine without a legal order i sent in your on your own since they dont give a stuff.

Most of that mention stuff never gets seen by us. Do yourself a favour and get a better isp.and if the fcc wont allow that then that is your problem.

Comment Re:Is this news? (Score 2) 145

It probably depends on how you use it, if you have a issued renewal reference number then its easy.

Never done the hm gov prove your a 'human' registration route and if all the non car taxed cars applying for it on one day that might be the reason the system is overloaded as all the not taxed cars are being taxed all of a sudden.

I lost my photo id/paper license from the dvla an that took a couple of weeks with a paper from a post office to fix, although the online version of it looked hard work so i opted for the paper form. That's when scheduled complexity bites governments

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