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Comment: Several Misconceptions (Score 1, Troll) 572

by sjobs (#32060860) Attached to: FSF Response To Steve Jobs's Letter
Several Misconceptions H.264 is an open standard in that you are free to implement your own version of it for any platform that you see fit. It is also open in that no one company or group retains total control of the standard. While you may have to pay licensing costs to use any version of H.264, as I said, you are free to implement your own version (there is an open source version called x264). Also, the app store is the best way for Apple users to obtain quality software that is free of errata, defects or security holes at a reasonable cost. Adobe's Flash platform however, has several defects. One such defect is that it uses more battery life than it should on mobile platforms. Our devices are designed to be efficient and have a good battery life. With Flash, the battery life on our devices would be less than optimal. Flash also has several security holes, as is on the Mac and Windows. We do not intend to let a security ridden framework on our devices. I hope this cleared up any misconceptions you may have had.

Comment: Some Information (Score 2, Interesting) 686

by sjobs (#32054026) Attached to: Steve Jobs Hints At Theora Lawsuit
I usually never post on here, though from time to time I do browse the site. However, some of the commenters seem to be mistakened. All video codecs are not protected by patents, as far I a know. All video codecs worth using, however, are patented. At this time we do NOT know if Theora does indeed include patented technology. The legal department here is currently looking into it. I also stand by my word and for as long as control of the company remains in capable hands, there shall be no Flash support on our mobile devices.

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