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Comment Re:Give me a raise (Score 1) 327

I find that small business is more friendly to someone who wants to stay involved in the technical side though even there an older person will have better luck being a hands on manager than a tech with no management role.

I'm doing the small business thing now, which is to say I am at the "2: ???" stage.

Comment Re:this is what the 2nd amendment is for (Score 1) 239

You are quite right about lost knowledge. I grew up in the '60s and '70s in the south. In that time and place, real men fixed their own car. I cannot think of even one man I met as a child who didn't know how to fix a car. I know there are households that don't have so much as a screwdriver, but it still seems very strange to me.

Even more fundamentally, more and more households have nobody that even knows the basics of cooking. Everything they eat comes in a box that goes in the microwave. That seems even more strange to me. Considering we all have to eat every day, I would think that knowledge would be important to people.

Comment Re:this is what the 2nd amendment is for (Score 1) 239

It's not just the candidates doing the lying. The talking heads don't seem fond of the truth either.

Lying has long been a part of politics. One readily finds references to it in the 19th century. It's the magnitude that seems changed.

I can't help but think that part of the problem is parents not having enough free time to teach their children important skills such as critical thinking. Schools don't do it either, so the result in about 20 years is an adult voter who isn't well prepared to evaluate the claims of the candidates and pundits.

Comment Re:Wrong industry? (Score 2) 112

I asked my magic 8ball^w^wScientific testimony device how accurate this thing is and it said "outlook not so good". Naturally, it uses proprietary algothingamajigs so I will not be submitting it to examination.

But yes, an unproven methodology implemented by unproven software and they want to hang a man's life on it's results.

Comment Re:Not true. (Score 3, Insightful) 112

Honestly, the 50,000 foot view of the methodology sounds a bit dodgy to me. I would like to know what peer reviewed experiments have demonstrated that the methodologies in use can identify a single person out of a mix of DNA that actually owned the item. Were they replicated? Then there is a need to show that the software actually performed that methodology without error. Perhaps the prosecution would care to have a third party run the methodology by hand in a blind test?

If those 2 sticking points cannot be satisfied, then the "evidence" is bunk.

Comment Re:Survey bias (Score 1) 140

Seriuoosly cancer does not work like that most of the time. As in the really rare cases of spontaneous remission.

We don't actually know that. We know that thyroid cancer that gets bad enough to be symptomatic doesn't just go away spontaneously. We have no idea what percentage of cases detected in intensive screening will just go away because intensive screening is rare. We don't know how many of the positives are false.

We have much better data on breast cancer screening. The big surprise there was that 20% of the detected (but asymptomatic) cancers do spontaneously regress.

That may or may not be the same for thyroid cancer. We better figure that out fast or a lot of kids will get a lot of unnecessary procedures done on them and will end up on replacement therapy for life.

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