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Comment: Why have a log file at all? (Score 1) 366

by sizzzzlerz (#49800063) Attached to: Crowdfunded, Solar-powered Spacecraft Goes Silent

Unless I misunderstood the mission, the payload isn't coming back so having a log file for post-mission review is meaningless. If they want to log anomalies, or commands, or telemetry, why aren't they sending it back? Either a continuous stream or regular or on-command bursts. In either case, there still would be no need to retain it in a file, you simply dump the buffer once its be transmitted and start from zero. Am I missing something?

Comment: Re:Nice Scope (Score 2) 187

by sizzzzlerz (#47740055) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Cheap But Reasonable Telescopes for Kids?

I was going to recommend this as well. There was a very favorable write-up of this telescope in Sky and Telescope several months back. I had planned on ordering one after reading it but it was out-of-stock at the time. Good alternatives would be a good Newtonian scope from any of the reputable companies: Meade, Celestron, or Orion. They all have a good variety of sizes and prices along with the accessories you need: eye pieces, sky charts, etc. Selecting one from any of these options will give you something that should be useful for a long time. Good luck.

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