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Comment: Why have a log file at all? (Score 1) 366 366

Unless I misunderstood the mission, the payload isn't coming back so having a log file for post-mission review is meaningless. If they want to log anomalies, or commands, or telemetry, why aren't they sending it back? Either a continuous stream or regular or on-command bursts. In either case, there still would be no need to retain it in a file, you simply dump the buffer once its be transmitted and start from zero. Am I missing something?

Comment: Re:Nice Scope (Score 2) 187 187

I was going to recommend this as well. There was a very favorable write-up of this telescope in Sky and Telescope several months back. I had planned on ordering one after reading it but it was out-of-stock at the time. Good alternatives would be a good Newtonian scope from any of the reputable companies: Meade, Celestron, or Orion. They all have a good variety of sizes and prices along with the accessories you need: eye pieces, sky charts, etc. Selecting one from any of these options will give you something that should be useful for a long time. Good luck.

Comment: Re:Fake? Sure. Cowards? (Score 1) 190 190

Better winters? You ever have to drive in the Tule fog that settles into the valley around December and doesn't lift until March? When its bad, you can't see the lines on the road directly in front of you. You are right about summers, though. Totally brutal.

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