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Comment It's all about me! (Score 4, Insightful) 179

It's the US Open, watched in person by thousands, and on TV by millions but rather than making it all about the tennis players, this dipshit feels that the Open should be all about him and his toys. So he flys his drone over the stadium and ends up crashing into some seats, causing a delay in the match-in-progress, lucky not to have hurt someone in the stands. He's yet one more example of an adolescent in adult form who is incapable of recognizing that this is not an appropriate place to play and not too overly concerned about its ramifications. Fines and a little jail time are exactly what he deserves.

Comment Re:I agree with the shooter (Score 1) 1197

I doubt that owning property automatically implies ownership of the airspace above the property. Aircraft are constantly flying above private property but never has that resulted in trespassing charges. Nobody has file a lawsuit against Google for their property appearing in Google Earth. I'm not suggesting that a drone flying above one's house isn't a nuisance but it isn't trespassing nor can one be justified in blasting it out of the sky with a shotgun, irrespective of the danger of firing a gun in populated areas. Further, making assumptions that the drone may be carrying a dangerous payload is simply that, an assumption. Claiming that in a court of law will get you nowhere without evidence.

Comment Why have a log file at all? (Score 1) 366

Unless I misunderstood the mission, the payload isn't coming back so having a log file for post-mission review is meaningless. If they want to log anomalies, or commands, or telemetry, why aren't they sending it back? Either a continuous stream or regular or on-command bursts. In either case, there still would be no need to retain it in a file, you simply dump the buffer once its be transmitted and start from zero. Am I missing something?

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