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Comment: Re:What the OSUOSL uses and beyond (Score 2, Informative) 113

by size1one (#31948158) Attached to: GUI-Based Asset-Tracking Tools For a Datacenter?

RAIV wasn't graphical at all, so you must be thinking of the virtual server room tour we put together 2 years ago.

The code for that is here:

however theres no documentation, and likely doesn't work with the latest version of openlaszlo. It wasn't tied into our inventory system at all. I manually merged several different sources into a single xml file. We've since moved away from laszlo in favor of html+css+javascript+svg. Eventually we might rewrite this, but have no concrete plans right now.

Comment: Easy Solution (Score 1) 904

by size1one (#16279123) Attached to: Will the Next Election Be Hacked?
If everyone were to request absentee ballots you would recieve a paper ballot that you mail or bring to the polling place. Unfortunatly this does mean EVERYONE should do it because these ballots are usually only counted when there are statistically enough absentee ballots that they could change the result received by the polling machines.

This many absentee ballots would do a few things:
  • provide verifiable paper trail thats harder to alter
  • cost the government extra time and money.
  • force the issue that "We the people" are fed up and want a fair and secure voting system.
  • Take back our voting system without relying on the government, who obviously doesn't test any of the magic black boxes they buy.

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