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Comment: Not a big release actually (Score 1) 85

by sixshot (#49149803) Attached to: VLC Gets First Major Cross-Platform Release

While it's commendable that VLC would make that push for a big cross-platform release, the Android side is still dismal compared to their desktop counterpart. The Android app is still limited in what devices is able to install it (can be installed on my now-dead Nexus 7 2013). A quick glance at the Google Play Store page revealed that it cannot be installed on my Nexus 6, 2012 Nexus 7, or my Samsung Galaxy S3, the latter two can play 720p videos to some extent.

This isn't a big release. So whoever thought that this is a big major release must be smoking some good stuff. VLC on Android is still miles away from being a good media player.

Comment: Re:In other words, Don't Pay for Promises. (Score 1) 208

by sixshot (#47309739) Attached to: The Simultaneous Rise and Decline of <em>Battlefield</em>

I have been avoiding the Battlefield franchises ever since 4 has been announced. So far, I have been happy with the result. So the money I saved from not buying that (and any future Battlefield game in general), it all went to fancy extras in Guild Wars 2. Satisfied with what I got since that's virtually all I play nowadays. That's my value.

I have seen the decline for a while. But BF3 was definitely the last straw. Until EA and DICE straighten up and start making quality games that supports the community rather than themselves, I won't be bothering with any of the Battlefield games.

Comment: Something isn't adding up... (Score 5, Funny) 237

by sixshot (#46127001) Attached to: Now On Video: GCHQ Destroying Laptop Full of Snowden Disclosures

I viewed the video and I read the related article... and it says here:

A small team of trusted senior reporters examined Snowden's files in a secure fourth-floor room in the Guardian's King's Cross office. The material was kept on four laptops. None had ever been connected to the internet or any other network. There were numerous other security measures, including round-the-clock guards, multiple passwords, and a ban on electronics.

Okay, 4 laptops are fine. So why does the video show a desktop keyboard? And why is there a completely destroyed ATX desktop motherboard shown there?

+ - OpenShot Video Editor Achieves $35k on Kickstarter, Final Goal in Reach!-> 5

Submitted by JonOomph
JonOomph writes: The popular open source video editor, OpenShot, has less than 39 hours remaining on popular crowd-funding site, Kickstarter.com. The lead developer, Jonathan Thomas, has proposed a revolutionary new feature, which would allow users to offload CPU, memory, and disk cache to a local server (or multiple local servers), dramatically increasing the speed of previewing and rendering. The more servers added to the pool, the faster the video editing engine becomes (with the primary limitation being network bandwidth). If the final goal of $40k is reached in the remaining hours, this feature will be added to the next version of OpenShot.
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Comment: As a user... (Score 1) 299

I use Hotmail/Outlook and Verizon at random... however, for importing these into Gmail as POP3, they both support SSL. So there's not much issue on this part. With email being so easily accessible, is this really an issue? I guess the big question should be: Is there an email provider that doesn't provide SSL connection when retrieving via POP3?

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