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Submission + - Bump Goes BumpTop... (bumptop.com)

sitarlo writes: So I get home from my daughter's softball game to find this in my inbox:

"First of all, we'd like to thank you for your past purchase of BumpTop
Pro. Our mission is to revolutionize the way people use computers, and
your support has helped us continue working towards that goal.

Today, we have a big announcement to make: we're going to be taking BumpTop in an exciting new direction, which means that BumpTop (for both Windows and Mac) will no longer be available for sale. Additionally, no updates to the products are planned.

What does this mean for BumpTop Pro users? Rest assured you will be
able to continue running the latest version of BumpTop with Pro
features indefinitely. However, downloads and support for BumpTop Pro
will end on June 1, 2010, and we will not be issuing any further
updates. We recommend you save a copy of the latest installer at
http://bumptop.com/pro in case you wish to reinstall BumpTop in the
future. For your reference, your invite code is ########.

We want you be completely satisfied with the purchase you made. Our
customers constantly tell us how much they love BumpTop and how it's
completely changed the way they use their desktop, and you will be
able to run BumpTop Pro for as long as you want. If the end-of-life announcement still leaves you dissatisfied, however, contact us for a refund at http://refund.bumptop.com/refund, regardless of purchase date. All requests must be made by June 1, 2010.

Thanks again for your support of BumpTop and for helping make
computing more natural and fun. Despite our change in strategy, we remain as passionate as ever about helping shape the future of computing!

The Bumps"

So did they sell BumpTop to Oracle, or just fail because the 3D desktop is overkill for the average (and above average) user?

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