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Comment Re: bye (Score 1) 531 531

It's not about crashing, it's about speed. Currently firefox can only use 1 core of your multi-core cpu. If one webpage is heavy, the whole browser is slow. Doesn't happen with chrome since it can use all the cores of your cpu. here's some infos: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Comment Re:hope for improvements (Score 1) 330 330

The game abuses OpenGL.

The current version of the game will not run on OS X older than 10.9 because they now use some advanced features of OpenGL that will lock up the graphics card on older versions of OS X. Their official workaround is "upgrade to 10.9".

They upgraded to OpenGL 2.1, which is available since 2006. Previously they were using OpenGL 1.1.

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Can I get the APK outside Google Play? I don't have a Google Account anymore. Funny note: cyanogenmod doesn't even come with Google Play. If you are looking for a store, I'd recommend 1mobile :http://www.1mobile.com/ Lots of crapware and fakes (search for minecraft), but there are official apps too and the store manage updates.

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