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Comment Re:What's the refresh rate and response time? (Score 1) 79 79

The problem of low refresh rate gets even worse as the FOV gets wider.
Human peripheral vision, while being far less detailed, is far MORE sensitive to movement and brightness, meaning that we can see screen flicker near the edges that we can't see directly in front of our eyes.

This is one of the reasons stopping Oculus from making a wider FOV headset. Widening FOV is easy, keeping people from getting sick is hard.

Comment Re:Battery drain? (Score 2) 350 350

There is no additional drain unless you are actively using the FM receiver.

Also, your phone people already has the chip, it's just disabled.

This isn't about mandating an FM chip in every cellphone, it's about mandating that the existing FM chips not be disabled (which only happens in the US versions)

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 350 350

What's a real scenario where one-way FM radio on a cell-phone would be a real life-line for anyone but the completely ignorant and inexperienced?

A tornado pops up, everyone hears the siren and goes into the basement, then the tornado starts knocking down power lines and causing fires, which burn the town to the ground with all the people still inside.

Comment Re: Lets say yes so they put an FM radio on my pho (Score 1) 350 350

It's not about ANNOUNCING the disaster, that's what sirens are for.

AFTER the sirens have gone off, and AFTER everyone is hiding in fear, wouldn't it be nice if they knew WHY they were hiding?

They can't call or text anyone to find out, since the towers will be overloaded.

Now, they could use the FM radio that is ALREADY BUILT INTO their phone, unfortunately the US carrier they bought it from specifically demanded that the FM radio be disabled.

A specific example of where this would save lives: A tornado pops up, the sirens go off, and everyone heads to the basement. Meanwhile the high winds have knocked down power lines everywhere, and started fires everywhere. The town is quickly burning to the ground (with people still in their basements), and nobody knows because they can't hear the local radio station talking about the fires.

Comment Re:Lets say yes so they put an FM radio on my phon (Score 1) 350 350

I think the psychological reassurance of just knowing what's going on during a disaster is probably the most helpful part.

Even if you can't DO anything about it, it's still better than cowering in fear because you are in the dark both literally and figuratively.

Comment Re:Makers or Service providers? (Score 4, Interesting) 350 350

How do you explain phones that have identical international and US versions, and only the US version has the FM disabled?

The (international) HTC Desire Z had an FM radio, and came with an FM tuner app to access it. (using the headphones as the antenna)
The identical US version, the T-Mobile G2, also had an FM radio but it was disabled in software. (to fix it, you just had to install the stock FM tuner app)

I can only assume that T-mobile demanded that the FM radio be disabled, in order to get people to use up all their data listening to streaming music.

Comment Re:Only used it when they paid me (Score 1) 186 186

You are right, the phone should just wake up and launch the default payment app automatically when it is near the payment pad

I don't see why they haven't implemented this. I know it's definitely possible and not terribly hard, since there are already apps on the play store that can wake and unlock the phone on contact with an RFID card.

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