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Comment Re:SuSE Ruled... (Score 0) 238 238

7.10 was not LTS and took forever to boot on my HP lappy and needed config to handle the start-up screen. 8.04 however was a dog for me and by that time I had learned enough debian to make the switch. Ubuntu is the whole set take it or leave it, debian is like lego, build it how you want and any bits you don't like can be removed and replaced with bits you do. I still run ubuntu from time to time (twas my first real working-with-wireless-linux) but Debian is just better once you become an advanced n00b.

Comment Re:TCO (Score 0) 344 344

I've never met a Linux user who didn't know windows, but have met many windows users who have never even heard of Linux. Linux users *do* tend to be computer gods to the average knucklehead, simply because they know *more* about computers. Find me a Linuxer who has never heard of windows....

Comment Re:oh ok (Score 2, Insightful) 1331 1331

Since the force of the collapse would be orders of magnitude greater than what these elements were designed to support, it seems probable that they would impede the progress of the collapse to about the same degree that a cloud of smoke would impede a lazily swung sledgehammer.

More handwaving bullshit. You have no idea that anything you have stated is true apart from the fact you pulled it out of your own stinking arse.

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