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Submission + - Google Rolls Out VP9 Encoding for YouTube (blogspot.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The YouTube engineering blog announced that they've begun encoding videos with Google's open VP9 codec. Their goal is to use the efficiency of VP9 to bring better quality video to people in low-bandwidth areas, and to spur uptake of 4K video in more developed areas. "[I]f your Internet connection used to only play up to 480p without buffering on YouTube, it can now play silky smooth 720p with VP9."

Comment Re:Pretty close to zero (Score 1) 240

Moon+ supports PDF, and when I looked at FBReader that was still a feature to be added. I didn't really look at FBreader very much because of that, but it looks very nice. I originally wanted Aldiko but it doesn't support storing books on the SD card on my device, since the internal memory is sdcard0. I basically got Moon+ because it was the first I came across with all the features I needed, and I had a free Google Play credit from buying the tablet :)

Moon+ will sync your reading position across devices, and it uses dropbox for that, but it's a feature I haven't used yet.

Comment Re:Pretty close to zero (Score 1) 240

Android here as well, and I haven't purchased a lot of apps either.

I spent $3.99 on IP Cam Viewer a few years ago, and it was well worth it for keeping an eye on my home cameras. I also spent $4.99 on the Moon+ ebook reader last night for my new tablet. Great app, and something I'm happy to pay for. Other than a few 99 cent kindle books, that's all I've ever purchased. I still have $10 left of free Google Play credits from purchasing the tablet and no idea what to spend it on.

Comment Re:You want all your eggs in one basket? (Score 1) 178

I don't. Few hosts have the brains and manpower to handle that many services at once. Pick the best for each one, and be glad that they're the best. Besides, if their data center is DDOS'd, you want all your services going down at once? Likely not.

I came here to post this as well. I'd rather have redundant servers in different geographical locations.

Submission + - Dice Ruins Slashdot (slashdot.org) 12

An anonymous reader writes: In an attempt to modernize Slashdot, Dice has removed everything that made Slashdot unique and worthwhile and has turned it into a generic blog site. User feedback has been unanimously negative, but this is to no avail, and users will have to head elsewhere for insightful and entertaining commentary on tech news.

Comment Re:Only applies to prewritten software? (Score 3, Informative) 364

It is no different than collecting taxes on any other service performed (eg cooking, barbering).

To my knowledge most states don't tax for services (especially not as highly as sales are taxed). Have you ever heard of a musician or lawyer (or even your aforementioned chef or beautician) having to collect any sort of sales tax?

Comment phone and DSLR camera (Score 1) 194

I have a cheap protector on my phone screen for scratches. I have a better hard plastic screen protector on my DLSR, so if the camera smashes into anything hopefully the plastic will break and save the screen. Total cost for both was under $10.

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