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Comment Young people? How about soccer moms? (Score 0) 139

Every time I am nearly run off the road it is usually 40-something soccer mom in a minivan full of screaming kids, checking her facebook while eating and appying makeup at the same time. Young people usually take a bus, since none of them have a job that could afford them pay young people insurance rates.

Comment What if discrimination is genetic? (Score 1, Interesting) 444

>>>"Racial bias has to be operating, inequities are rampant. Discrimination does exist whether intentional or unintentional"

What if discrimination is genetic? That is, there are more gifted kids born to high-status high-income parents. If you want to re-define gifted to be more affirmative, then you will have to use different definitions of 'gifted' for each socioeconomic class.

Darwin taught us about selection for traits, why are we failing to notice obvious here?

Comment Re:Different market with different customers (Score 1) 322

Yes, lease terms are fixed, but the value they are fixed at is market-driven. For example, say you lease for 2 years, and $130K car will be worth $95K. If it turns out that Tesla was wrong, and they can't hope to sell 2-year old one for more than $80K, they just gave you $15K discount and sold at a loss.

No market is completely price-insensitive. There will be more Tesla Model X sold at $120K than at $130K. As such, the expense of putting lambo doors on one will price someone out of buying it.

Comment Re:Door Sensors (Score 3, Insightful) 322

Such over-design tends to spectacularly and expensively fail as cars get older or get into accidents. With multiple hinges, sensors, control units that all could potentially fail, you will end up with a used car without functioning doors. Who wants that? On other hand, simple hinge just keep working.

So you think, "I will lease for 4 years, and will never see these problems". Well, resale value is affected by reliability, and as a result costs of these failures will be baked into your lease costs. So you will have higher monthly payments because some marketing type at Tesla decided to stick pointless lambo doors on this car, making it less reliable in the process.

Comment Re:Market Forces (Score 1) 231

Your statement is also inexact. Markets must rely on rule of the law as a framework for operation. Otherwise, it will devolve into "might makes right".

As such, there is no global uniform market as there is no global government with consistent laws. There are many interconnected markets with various levels of rule of the law. By exporting jobs to India, the corporations benefit from reduced labor costs associated with weaker and more corrupt government there, yet they still rely on stronger US-based IP protection to sell the goods.

Comment Market Forces (Score 5, Insightful) 231

Market Forces do not guarantee optimal, or even beneficial outcome to everyone affected. Just most profitable outcome for decision makers.

This is a clear case where US is bleeding jobs and wealth to other countries, so few individuals can enrich themselves while passing the costs/consequences "downstream".

Comment Re:Hammer Attack (Score 5, Interesting) 303

Actually, in all seriousness, I had to do this 'hammer attack' in the past as part of FIPS 140 physical security mechanisms testing. Was a hardened case with interlocking plates, and after 30 minutes of banging on it I only succeeded denting it. I had to write in the report that I needed a bigger hammer. No kidding.

Comment Hammer Attack (Score 5, Funny) 303

I set up a network switch, and over a 5 meters Ethernet cable I connected an old working laptop. Then I took my pen-testing device aka “hammer”. I decided to vigorously apply. the device to the switch and the laptop. The result was scary and interesting as well. The network switch was a heap of twisted metal after a lot of "banging" noise. It resisted the attack for considerable time due to hard metal shell. The laptop stopped working much faster, after only some application of the device. It is not the cheapest thing in the world to test this, but very satisfying. I believe the threat from such a blunt object attack against a computer infrastructure is real and should be dealt with.

Comment Re:The only Gaming Notebooks are P&P (Score 1) 90

I'd be curious to see if this does even better in a similar form factor.

Please outline a scenario where it could do better in a small form factor?

Congratulations, you can theoretically game on your notebook. For 10 minutes on a fully charged battery. While suffering third-degree burns to your crotch and hands.

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