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Comment: Re:Just a cheap H1-B visa scam, "for the kids" my (Score 0) 257

by singhulariti (#41488203) Attached to: Microsoft Calls For $5B Investment In U.S. Education
Everybody here keeps talking about $30K jobs and 20 years experience as a ploy to keep American "skilled" workers away, yet I've never seen it myself. Full disclosure, I'm on an H1B and I ONLY interview for jobs upwards of 90k and YET I hardly see any other American candidates. And it's not like I work on some exotic technologies, they're vanilla Java financial software stuff. I call BS on H1B as a source of cheap labor, I am NOT cheap labor nor are all my other friends who work with me.

Comment: Political conspiracy... (Score 1) 122

by singhulariti (#39559161) Attached to: More Fuel For Facebook Censorship Advocates In India
This is how it works in India...or anywhere... Some months back the Indian people decided they were going to fight corruption, they organized via facebook, twitter et. al. and caused MASSIVE headaches for the govt. The govt. realized they needed to do something about it. So they hire a couple of idiots to post some "offensive" photos, then hire some goons to start a "communal" war and then censor the net in the name of "peace". Almost ALL communal riots in India follow a similar pattern.

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