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Comment: Re: The real problem with Tor (Score 1) 68

by simtel (#44292341) Attached to: Open Source Tortilla For Tor To Be Released At Black Hat
An important note is that the exit node can see all of "the" plaintext traffic - there's no effective way to track it back to you unless the data contains your personal info. That's one of the biggest reasons that many jurisdictions hold the exit node accountable for the traffic that goes through it.

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by simtel (#42416573) Attached to: How ISPs Collude To Offer Poor Service
I used to do that for a 200MB file on on dialup. I think the point is that content sizes are growing rapidly, expecting broadband speeds to keep up. The concern is that people are afraid of the current stagnation, and how it might mean that in a few years, your download of that 50GB patch will take longer than 30-40 minutes.

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by simtel (#39470257) Attached to: James Cameron Begins His Deep-Sea Dive
Honestly, I found the name "Unobtainium" no less plausible than a number of the heavier elements in the periodic table. Comparing "Unobtainium" to, say... "Promethium", "Ununoctium", "Berkeluim", "Californium"; not to mention a number of the proposed names for the current temporary ones... How does "Unobtainium" defy logic any more than those do?

Or are you claiming that because we haven't discovered it yet, it doesn't exist? In a science fiction movie. Really? Really?

As for orbital bombardment... That's probably the part the Cameron didn't show. Humans go down to the surface and try to strip-mine politely because of politics. Think of the PR win that it would be for the (then current) administration if they can convince these primitive creatures to live/act like humans! But now that we're kicked off planet, time to warm up the nukes.

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