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Comment: Re:You're still not getting it, I have a right... (Score 1) 897

by simm_s (#40710543) Attached to: Microsoft Apologizes For Inserting Naughty Phrase Into Linux Kernel

Well no you don't have the right in all cases! I am sure the employee at Microsoft signed an agreement that he would follow certain guidelines, so no he did not have the right to do this on behalf of Microsoft. Linus also has the right to accept, correct, or reject code that he does not like in his tree. You have the right to be a jackass (at least in the US) but we don't have to give you a platform.

Comment: Do You Want The Truth? (Score 1) 708

by simm_s (#40526219) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Stay Employable?

The truth is that no one knows how you are going to stay employable!

We have no idea about the challenges you are facing now and will face in the future. We don't even know what lies before us in the future. The best chance you have is to make sure your lifestyle is sustainable. Make sure you get out of debt (if any) and are physically and mentally healthy. Be kind and considerate to others (even if they do no deserve it). Reduce your attachments to material things. Things do not make you happy anyway. If you are not happy with the work you are doing now, find something that interests you and gives your life purpose (life is too short).

Good luck!

Comment: Poorly Written Article (Score 1) 653

by simm_s (#38280436) Attached to: Does Outsourcing Programming Really Save Money?

This article has a racist subtext. I have also seen extremely unskilled programmers from the US at the > $100/hr level. There are countless federal projects that fail with cost overruns for any number of reasons. Choosing US programmers does not guarantee success. I think ultimately companies need to realize that software development is very hard and you just can't randomly hire/contract programmers and expect success. Top programmers are hard to find and expensive no matter what country look at.

Comment: Convergence (Score 2) 374

by simm_s (#38245934) Attached to: Video Game Consoles Are 'Fundamentally Doomed,' Says Lord British

Mobile phones are just another platform to experience gaming. Mobile platforms are becoming more like gaming consoles. With technologies like wireless display (WiDi), etc you may be able to run a virtual xbox 360 straight from a mobile device on to the display of your choice. Good times!

Comment: Re:When this racism shit ends (Score 0) 645

by simm_s (#38039614) Attached to: Is There an Institutional Bias Against Black Tech Entrepreneurs?

Let me guess you are white. I dare you to ask any black person if white privilege does not exist. I bet you will have a tough time finding one. But in your mind they are all liars or lazy. I hate the "black people are just lazy" narrative. It's a really tired old lie you people keep telling yourselves. :-)

Comment: Re:Bizarre (Score 1) 841

by simm_s (#37969542) Attached to: Why Do So Many College Science Majors Drop Out?

You did not read that article correctly. Duke Power initially used segregation to weed out Black job applicants. When the Civil Rights Act prevented segregation they instituted IQ tests to weed out Black applicants who did not have the same education opportunities at the time. The IQ tests did not have anything to do with the job. The Civil Rights Act does not ban IQ tests.

Comment: Re:Only the strong survive, as it should be (Score 2) 841

by simm_s (#37966642) Attached to: Why Do So Many College Science Majors Drop Out?

I see a lot of well educated engineers coming into the field that have terrible problem solving skills. I am sure they have great grades but they can't solve their way out of a card board box. I am not exactly sure this weak student elimination thing is working out very well.

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