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+ - US Deptt. of Justice okays 200k fine for 24 songs 1

Submitted by silverbyte
silverbyte writes: The US Department of Justice okays a 222,000 fine for 24 songs, imposed on Minnesota woman, Jammie Thomas, quoting that the offense is

not so severe and oppressive as to be wholly disproportioned to the offense.
Previously, Jammie Thomas had attempted to get the fine ruled unconstitutional (citing State Farm vs Campbell) , pleading that $9250 per song was... well.. a bit too excessive.

+ - Apple buys CUPS

Submitted by silverbyte
silverbyte writes: According to and update posted on July 11'th by Michael R Sweet, Apple purchased the source code for CUPS in the February of 2007. In addition the author himself now works on CUPS, as an Apple Employee.

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