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Comment: Re:To little to late? (Score 1) 35

by silky1 (#39974965) Attached to: Senator Seeks More Info On DOJ Location Tracking Practices

Leadership perhaps, but even those leaders would be an extreme minority. The majority of the military is made up of people just like you and I. I'm not saying it would not take a revolt at several levels mind you.

I feel the same way. This is why we hear stories of DHS stocking up on weapons and ammo. They are full of lackeys and dropouts who will do as they are told. The military is very likely to stand up for the people in the case of a revolt.

Comment: Re:Frak (Score 1) 675

I think Poland is looking back to what the Germans and Russians did to them last century and would like that to not happen again. When you see Russia working with countries like Iran, China and possibly NK, what can one deduce other than they are getting back to their old ways. Hoping I am wrong, but Putin looks like a saber rattling dictator.

Comment: Re:Water utilization? (Score 2) 83

by silky1 (#39333701) Attached to: Brewing Beer With Free Software
Beer smith does a great job and more active support than Promash. Ultimately though paper and pencil is the best way to get your system calibrated then you can plug all those numbers into a beer making software of your choice to make future batches easier to produce. I like the idea of "free" home brewing software and am even interesting in helping the development, but I always found the ones I tried to me lacking enough to make them hard to choose over the commercial versions.

Comment: Here little Johnny... (Score 1) 668

by silky1 (#37264452) Attached to: Measles Resurgent Due To Fear of Vaccination
Have some more chicken nuggets, or how about you sit in the car while I smoke, or maybe lets go out in the sun without sunscreen. But NO WAY IN HELL are you getting vaccinated! People who continue to believe this false connection between autism and vaccines make me sick and I tell them so! No way do I want my son to get these virus. Hell I got chicken-poks (sp) and they weren't that bad, but since there is a vaccine for them, then I am all for it. No sense in causing suffering, or a possible epidemic spreading across a population!

Comment: Re:Calculated customer drops == quality drops (Score 1) 316

by silky1 (#36678274) Attached to: IBM Watson To Replace Salespeople and Cold-Callers
Sure, lets believe that it's better to let some central planner who has no clue what I want and need to survive make decisions for me that if I disagree with, will be sent to jail or some re-education camp. I mean capitalism is so cruel, if I don't like the service I am getting, I go some where else, bottom line I am in charge. Also have you lived in a bubble for the past 100 years or so, America is the most prosperous nation because of capitalism, its our insane leaders who keep pushing down the path of big government that has brought us to the brink of debt and destruction. Look at Europe...failing, look at the South American countries like Venezuela...failing. Please spare me the strong central government is the answer crap, if it was, the Soviet Union would still be around, and Cuba would be a wonderful place to live.

Comment: Re:If using them is illegal... (Score 1) 248

by silky1 (#36453124) Attached to: EU Ministers Seek To Ban Creation of Hacking Tools

and it doesn't stop their use, why would banning their possession stop them? I fail to grasp how anyone can come to the conclusion that someone intent on criminal activities would mend their ways simply because another facet of their operation is made illegal. Guns aren't the problem, network security tools aren't the problem. People are the problem. If you want to solve the problem you're going to have to ban them.

Amen brother...Governments are only interested in banning "tools" AKA inanimate objects. This is easier than holding people personally responsible and therefore affecting the ability of said government officials from being re-elected. Inanimate objects don't complain and protest against them. They just like to say..."Hey look we banned [Insert inanimate object du jour"], everything is going to be ok! We really care!". Your mention of guns is a perfect example, only affects law abiding citizens who cannot protect themselves from the real criminals.

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