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Comment Missing the point... (Score 0) 1146

I think most people here are missing the point. It's not at all about the efficiency of the light bulbs. It's the fact that were are being coerced into buying these products. I'd rather have the choice to buy whatever type I like. Screw the costs. I'm the one paying for it in the end. But damn, $10 and I can buy all the bulbs I need to for my house seems a lot better than spending $12 on single CFL bulb. CFL's take too long to "brighten" anyways.

PS. Feeling very anti-government at the moment.

Comment Re:laws (Score 1) 1127

Not quite sure what most peoples experience is in the workplace but I have worked in multiple fields and have found that sexual innuendos, racist jokes, and other comments that *could* be considered harassment is very commonplace. Whether it has been in IT, customer service, manufacturing, general labour, or any other field I've worked in, I've always heard and participated in comments that *could* be considered harassment. People need to stop being so uptight just because someone says something they don't like. If women can't take a joke, or men for that matter, then they are socially inadequate and shouldn't be in the workplace in the first place.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 282

No, because for 90% of those users the PSN password and the email password are going to be the same.

The only solution is new accounts and import trophies from the old one, but not anything sensitive.

I disagree Sony should send a verification to the default email address listed on each account. Peoples passwords might be the same but That is not Sony's fault. Any competent user should know to use a unique password for each service they subscribe too. Especially in cases where credit cards and other personal information are required.

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