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Comment: Re:Jerri (Score 1) 461

again, you have no argument, just an empty personal attack. you haven't touched anything i said not even once, so my argument still stands

don't you want to say something in life? you think petty pointless personal attacks will get you anywhere on subject matter like this?

Comment: Re:Good question (Score 1) 146

because wires don't follow political boundaries

your fiber is our fiber and visa versa. it's all bound up. a message you send from Vancouver to Halifax may/ probably crosses the border into the USA

and If i am in Chicago and i send a message to Anchorage, that goes through Canada

Canadian and American data is intertwined

and our authorities coordinate and cooperate in managing that in ways that would make both Americans and Canadians uncomfortable if you don't want eyes from another jurisdiction seeing our data

Comment: Re:not the first time (Score 2) 95

by justthinkit (#49168069) Attached to: Photo First: Light Captured As Both Particle and Wave
No, Einstein did different things with each of SR and GR. Wikipedia elucidates. The way things stood, after GR, was that there could be an ether, or not, and it didn't matter -- to GR.

The supposed "disproving" of the ether was merely that it wasn't detected across a number of experiments. But what the "it" was also changed over time. The ether has been proposed as a solid, liquid and gas (and now pure energy, in Spring-And-Loop Theory).

The debate about the ether is by no means over. Nor has "it" been proven to not exist. Certain possible ethers have not been detected. That is all.

Comment: Re: A giant lagoon dam (Score 1) 153

by Rei (#49167981) Attached to: World's First Lagoon Power Plants Unveiled In UK

I'm sorry, but I agree with that. If you on the UK want us to dam up our rivers and build roads out to geothermal areas and tap into our resources, and raise our local power prices in the process, all for the benefit of the UK, our government better damn well profit as much as possible from it and reduce our taxes / improve our services in exchange for that.

Unfortunately, xB and xD do not agree.

Comment: Re: A giant lagoon dam (Score 1) 153

by Rei (#49167805) Attached to: World's First Lagoon Power Plants Unveiled In UK

Better negotiate the contract during a Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn / Framsóknarflokkurinn (conservative) government. Samfylkingin would approve it under the condition that the Icelandic government's share of the sales are so high that you would barely save any money on the imported power, and Vinstri Grænir would outright reject it no matter what you offered. But Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn and Framsóknarflokkurinn would let you dam up whatever rivers you want and take gigawatts of power in exchange for a handful of shiny trinkets and a couple magic beans.

Comment: Re:YES (Score 1) 364

by lgw (#49167693) Attached to: Google Wants To Rank Websites Based On Facts Not Links

All three of your examples are value judgments, not facts.

Yes, that was rather my point, really. But to some people they are "facts", and important facts to prevent anyone from having a "non-factual" view on! Given Google's history of censorship, it wouldn't surprise me to see their own bias creep in as to what sort of thing is a fact.

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