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Comment: Re:Avoidance? (Score 1) 252

by silent_artichoke (#30804000) Attached to: Firefox 3.7 Dropped In Favor of Feature Updates
No my response to him is to find an alternative program that DOES meet his needs. Mozilla is doing just fine for me and many other people. I did not pay any of that money and I do not own stock in Mozilla, so I do not presume that I have the right to dictate to them how to spend that money. If it turns out that they are doing something unethical that I find unacceptable, my only recourse is to stop using the browser. Why does that poster feel that they have the right to tell Mozilla what to do? As I said, he/she can find another browser, submit patches to fix the problems, or deal with it same as the rest of us. Maybe the poster would find it helpful, or at least personally satisfying to file a bug report.

Comment: Re:Avoidance? (Score 2, Insightful) 252

by silent_artichoke (#30782516) Attached to: Firefox 3.7 Dropped In Favor of Feature Updates

Helpful Hint of the Day: There are other browsers. Use one.

Seriously, if it's not working for YOU, use something else. It works for everyone else here, so it must be something with you.

Also, it's open source. Please submit your patches directly to Mozilla or ask them for a refund in the amount of your purchase price. Either way this is not the place for it.

"It's ten o'clock... Do you know where your AI programs are?" -- Peter Oakley