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Comment Need at least basic M&M security (Score 3, Interesting) 35

M&M security is not great (hard candy shell soft middle) but it's at least something. I've got plenty of CCTV IoT etc etc but they can not access the internet with a singular exception and thats pretty much an application specific firewall. The rest is all easily accessible via a VPN.

We keep getting gear that wants to up upnp to open up ports to the world. Only is useful while talking to cloud control gear. Meaning it's not very useful at all.

Comment Re:25 mph? (Score 1) 582

If the vast majority can safely navigate at that speed then how can it not be a reasonable safe speed?

If we're trying to engineer it then driver competency, response time, vehicle characteristics, and road conditions would all come into play. But it's reasonable to assume if most people are capable of that speed in whatever car they are driving etc. More importantly differences in vehicle speed are a danger so you want everybody going about the same speed which will be that average regardless of posted.

Comment Re:25 mph? (Score 1) 582

My first house was at the far end of a large condo complex to the tune of 2 miles or so. The posted limit was 5. Now the main road was just that road to get feeder strs to the parking lots with a nice wide sidewalk where children road their bikes. 30ish minutes to drive what amounts to your driveway (shared condo property not a town road) is insane. The safe speed is easily determined as what a large percentage of the people normally drive at.

Comment Re:Net Neutrality? (Score 2) 173

Not sure on the specific but generally power costs scale down as you use more. The worry here is the power company will make large capital investments to supply them that should be averaged out over 5-10-20 years but they are not sure they will still need it next year sticking everybody else with covering that capitol investment.

Comment Re:Systemd developers have rejected (Score 1) 699

Your thinking much like the systemd guys that it's a binary thing. It's not. Right now the sane default is the uefi data is read only (and probably limited to root and some selinux lockdown on top of that). While I realize the uefi variables are meant to be non volatile and shared between operating systems reality is today it's dangerous to allow general access to them.

Overall this seems like a firmware issue if the clear cmos jumper does not set all of this back to the factory state it's broken.

Comment Re:Local Loop Unbundling! (Score 1) 167

Fiber to the CO is a great fit for that. Entirely passive CWDM is cheap and fiber that could have been put in in the 70's would still work fine today (spec wise). Make the central office a meet me sort of space. Now more enterprising muni's might light a channel to provide lifeline internet/school/government/library/muni peer to peer access and even resell the L2 to providers that do not want to stand up there own infrastructure. In any event the thing that realy should be a monopoly last mile access is while giving a wider choice of providers. The security end can be dealt with with mandatory encryption so the town never knows what's going on. IPv6 actualy lends itself well to this where routing decisions can be made to use your ISP or the muni's own network. That means you can run voip to government schools neighbors get HD voice Vid conferencing etc. If the muni network is considered baseline with your property taxes you can quickly facilitate things like school telepresence.

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