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Comment: I can attest to this... (Score 1) 129

by sidz1979 (#22597934) Attached to: Proposed Bill in Tennessee Penalizes Schools for Allowing Piracy

I'm a student at the University of Utah, and I live in the University student housing. So I have no option but to use the University-provided Internet connection.

For over a year now, it seems that they've been blocking the default ports used by bittorrent (azureus). I can't download anything with azureus (even legal stuff, like linux distributions), if I use the default ports settings. It does work (somewhat), however, if I change the TCP port setting to a non-standard one. Uploads still don't work, even with the port change (don't know why) -- so I'm always a "leach" in the bittorrent stream.

I don't use bittorrent much anymore, so it doesn't bother me. Most of the stuff I download is available through other means. But it still doesn't feel right that an industry can convince government and educational institutions to cripple awesome technology like bittorrent, just because it may be one of the factors hurting their profits.


+ - SPAM: Vonage gets shot down in retrial bid

Submitted by alphadogg
alphadogg (971356) writes "A U.S. federal appeals court has rejected Vonage's request that it order a lower court to retry a patent-infringement case against the company, Vonage confirmed Thursday. The VOIP service provider, embroiled in a dispute with Verizon, had asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to vacate an earlier jury verdict after a Supreme Court decision this week that is expected to change the way courts look at patent cases. Vonage was already appealing the verdict. [spam URL stripped]t -rejects-vonage-request-for.html"

+ - Myspace goes homophobic

Submitted by Seto89
Seto89 (986727) writes "Since the beginning of the week Rupert Murdoch-owned MySpace has omitted the "Gay" option in the profile sex preference settings. More details in the AC article.
Also it is now impossible to post a bulletin with a content similar to the one posted in protest (can be found here) — the bulletins just don't appear (though bulletins with other content work fine).
Is Rupert Murdoch going into unstoppable censorship spree? Or does he only assume that all gays will hide from him in a closet?"
Red Hat Software

+ - Fedora Core and Extras merge complete

Submitted by
lisah writes "As of noon ET today, the merge of the Fedora Core and Extras repositories was underway in anticipation of the upcoming Fedora 7 release. The merge will combine about 8,000 packages and make it possible for people to spin their own custom spins of Fedora with exactly the packages they prefer. The move also marks the first time a major distribution allows community members the ability to modify packages directly inside a distribution."

+ - American Idol thrill dampened by computer glitches

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coondoggie writes "A computer glitch resulted in multiple charges for about 6,000 people looking to donate to TV show American Idol's request for donors last week. The TV show's "Idol Gives Back" is by any measure a success — it has raised almost $70 million to provide for children who live in poverty — but that success has apparently overwhelmed the system designed to handle the donations, charging some charity-givers two or three times. But computer system malfunctions have been at the heart of many American Idol controversies. Recently the show has faced vote counting problems laid at the doorstep of the computer/telephony system that counts the all-important votes. 4"

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